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Student Spring Trout Release

Beginning April 18 and running through May 5, students from North Shore School District 112 (NSSD 112) and Highland Park High School will release young fish into newly restored ravine stream at Rosewood Park Beach.  The students have been raising the young Rainbow Trout in their classrooms since November at Ravinia and Oak Terrace Schools.   The fish release events are a culmination of “Trout in the Classroom,” a partnership between the Park District of Highland Park, North Shore School District 112, North Shore School District 113, and the Gary Borger Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the local arm of the national conservation organization which sponsored the purchase of food, tank and equipment for the fish.  The fish eggs were supplied by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The fish release events will be by staff from Heller Nature Center and the District’s Natural Areas Program. 

     The fish release schedule is as follows:

     The High School students have been involved in the project since 2012 and will visit Rosewood in April to learn how to monitor water quality in the ravine stream where the fish will be released.  In addition, more than 400 local 5th graders are taking part this spring in science-based field trips to learn about ravine ecology through a Ravine Education Program developed by the Park District in partnership with NSSD112.

     “Keeping our natural waters healthy is important,” said Rebecca Grill, Natural Areas Manager for the Park District of Highland Park.   “Rainbow Trout can return to their ‘natal’ stream after reaching maturity.   Our hope is that these fish will come back in a few years to spawn in our ravines. If they do, it will be an indicator that the ravines are a healthy habitat for local wildlife.”

    For more information on the project, click here