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Sunset Valley Golf Course Construction Progress

The month of June started off with fantastic weather. However, the end of the month has been abnormally wet. The course received 2.2 inches of rain in approximately four hours on June 29. The course was flooded for 24 hours until the canal receded. Current progress includes:
• The seed has germinated between on the pond bank between #16 and #17
•  The new Park & Golf Operations building bioswale drainage system is seeded.
• Rototilling, staking and shaping of greens #1, #5, #6, #10, #11 and #14.
• Greens drainage, gravel layer and greens mix for #15, #17, #8, #9 and #16.
• Top soil is being redistributed to #3. This will be the first hole that will be completed.
• The irrigation main line is currently being tested.
• The rock wall on #4 will be installed in the next couple weeks.
• The pond expansion on #4 is finished and work will begin on the pond expansion on #12.
At the end of July, Wadsworth will begin finishing the holes.  This will include fine shaping and seed bed prep. Sod will be installed around greens, tees and bunkers.

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Question? Comments?  Contact Liza McElroy, or 847.579.3108.