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Sunset Valley Renovation Update

6/20/18 –  Significant progress has been made both on the inside and outside of the Sunset Valley clubhouse.   The concrete patio and tent pad have been poured and cut, and the stone knee wall is complete. Site excavation was completed and prepared for asphalted areas and sod on the north, east, and south sides of the building. Installation of the patio trellis begins this week  and will be completed in the coming weeks.  Can-lighting and low voltage electric has been set and the HVAC system is installed on the inside. Drywall was completed and painting begins this week. Floors are being prepared for installation of bathroom, kitchen and bar tile. Glass doors and walls are installed and the new look of the clubhouse is finally starting to come to life.

Additional projects at the Sunset Valley site are also progressing. The conversion of the cart barn to accommodate the electrical golf carts is underway. Power has been trenched from the clubhouse transformer to the cart barn and shelving to accommodate the charging stations have been installed. Near the end of the month parking lot lights will start being installed with anticipated completion in early July.

Parking Lot Lighting, Cart Barn Conversion and Car Charging work completed        July 9
Parking Lot Asphalt work to begin                                                                                        July 9
Landscaping work to begin                                                                                                     July 16
Clubhouse building/site construction substantial completion                                       July 20
All site work/projects completed                                                                                          August 3
Grand Opening                                                                                                                         August 10*

*Assuming there are no summer weather delays

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