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Heller Hosts Insect Photography & Art Exhibit

9/4/18 – A new insect photography and art exhibit is on display at Heller Nature Center’s Prairie Room now through October 31, 2018.   “Insect Pollinators. Predators, and Plant Consumers, et al. in Our Gardens” is a showcase of the works of Carla Schmakel and Bob Strempel.  The exhibit is dedicated to the memory of Marilyn F. Campbell, former Executive Director of the Illinois Audubon Society, editor of Illinois Audubon, educator, natural history writer, bird and wildlife monitor, and inspirational spirit.  An open house of the exhibit will be held at Heller, located at 2821 Ridge Road, on Saturday, October 20, from 1:30-3:30pm.

     Insect communities include pollinators, predators, plant consumers, recyclers, eco-balancers, and contributors to soil health. They also form the food chain base for spiders, small to medium sized mammals, and scores of bird species. When we plant a diverse infrastructure of regionally native plants, all these animals will come in to utilize it.

     The photography and art presented are samples from 24 years of sightings of this community in the home garden planted by Carla Schmakel and Bob Strempel. Residents of Round Lake Park, their habitat garden is certified as an Illinois Audubon Society Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary and by Conserve Lake County in the Conservation @ Home program. 

     Read more about Marilyn Campbell’s formidable conservation legacy at