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Natural Areas Manager Panelist in Shoreline Forum

9/7/18 – Rebecca Grill, natural areas manager for the Park District of Highland Park will be a panelist in a Shoreline Change Public Forum being held on Wednesday, October 17 from 7 – 8 pm at the Rosewood Beach Interpretive Center, 883 Sheridan Road, Highland Park.  The forum will focus on the science behind how and why the shoreline is changing, as well as some government programs and projects in the area that address shoreline change.  Topics discussed will include:  how shoreline change is impacting our community, what it is costing the community, and what steps Highland Park is taking to address the change.

The forum is being hosted by Illinois State Senator Julie Morrison and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Coastal Management Program.  It is free and open to the public.

Grill oversees ecological restoration work throughout the Park District of Highland Park’s 44 parks.   With nearly 10 percent of

Rebecca Grill, natural areas manager for the Park District of Highland Park

all of Illinois’ Lake Michigan shoreline within Highland Park, a focus of the Natural Areas Program has been on the four lakefront parks the District operates.  Using a variety of funding sources and working with a diverse array of partners, the District has taken a leadership role in stewardship of lakefront and ravine habitats, including restoration of fish habitat at Ravine Drive Beach and completion of a $14.5 million renovation project at Rosewood Beach that showcases the lakefront and ravine ecosystems with innovative programming and a dedicated Interpretive Center.    A resident of Highland Park, Grill has been with the Park District since 2003.  She has a master’s degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Science from the University of Illinois.