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HPCC Conversion Project Update

11/15/18 – The Resident Advisory Committee met on Wed., Nov 14 to review and provide input on the project concept plan for the Highland Park Country Club (HPCC) property conversion.  Below are highlights of the plan:

Vision – to provide our community with an inter-generational experience with multiple levels of activity and engagement in the surrounding natural habitats. 
Theme – “Play in Nature” 
Foundation – green play spaces surrounded by thoughtfully arranged native plantings that reflect the functionality of the land. 
Amenities –  spring organically from the land and feature simple ideas for augmenting enjoyment of desired activities of walking, leisure biking, cross country skiing and running, access to water, picnicking, and exploring nature.

Northern Zone – Privacy is created  with grassland habitat for birds
Middle Zone – an area for family and group activity, that takes advantage of water features and access to parking in the Golf Learning Center
Southern Zone  (closest to the Recreation Center) –  answers community desire for play close in to the building that might be especially attractive to users of the recreation center, future senior center and also families with young children. 

To view the concept plan, click here.

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Registration for Fall programs begins July 24! 

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