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Centennial Ice Arena


All skating and gymnastics classes are running as scheduled on Monday. Feb. 18.

Monday, Feb 18 Extended Public Skate 11am-2:30pm

Monday, Feb 18 Open Gymnastics 11am-Noon ages 3-6 (Parent/Tot) and Noon-1pm ages 6-13. Limited Spots Available.


3100 Trail Way

Highland Park, IL 60035
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Centennial is a premier regional teaching center for both ice skating and gymnastics, with a highly qualified staff and progressive programming. The facility features an indoor ice rink and a fully-equipped gymnastics studio. We offer public skating as well as Learn to Skate, hockey, Freestyle, and gymnastics lessons for all skill levels. Centennial is a member of the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA) and USA Gymnastics.

Front Desk Hours

Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm

Friday 9am-4pm

Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm

Learn to Skate USA

Centennial is proud to offer the Learn to Skate USA program curriculum providing a fun and positive experience that will instill a lifelong love of skating. Something happens the moment your kid’s skates touch the ice. It’s surreal. Empowering. It’s the experience where kids learn much about skating, and themselves. Your child learns glides, swizzles, edges and crossovers. Your child learns positivity, confidence and personal strength.

Learn to Skate USA programs make skating fun and safe for all as they grow an everlasting love for this sport. Through our updated curriculum and our certified, passionate instructors, we build solid skill progression to grow self-esteem in both kids and adults while providing them the resources to reach their hopes and dreams. For more information on the program, click here.

Hockey Organizations and Leagues

Centennial Ice Arena is proud to be affiliated with the following local and metro Chicago hockey organizations.

Falcons Hockey Association
Highland Park Giants
Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Wolves


Chris Maliszewski, Recreation Manager

Carol Sassorossi, Recreation Supervisor

Stephanie Sylvester, Recreation Coordinator

Public Skating Schedule

Public Skating
8:40-9:10am (Adults Only)
8:40-9:10am (Adults Only)
1:40-3:40pm (Open Hockey Only)
8:40-9:10am (Adults Only)
8:40-9:10am (Adults & Late Arrival Students Only)
* No Public Skate March 10
8:40-9:10am (Adults Only)

Public Skating Fees

Youth (up to age 18) – $6

Adult – $7

Skate Rental – $3

Open Hockey – $10

Adult Skate – $3

Public Skate Punch Pass, 10 admissions $54

Skate Rental, 10 admissions $25



Comprehensive ice skating and hockey lessons are taught by ice arena and affiliate organization professionals. The United States Figure Skating Association Basic Skills sanctions our Learn to Skate Program. League hockey is played through the Falcons Hockey Organization, as well as a variety of clinics and camps to improve hockey skills. *Please note: Skate rental is not included in the class fee. Class skate rental is $2.00 per class per person, or $18.00 for a 10-punch pass.

Below classes are for the Winter Session.

Learn to Skate and Hockey Lessons

Class NameAgeDescriptionPlayer Abilities
Tot 14-6BeginnerBasics for beginner skater.
Tot 24-6IntermediateIntroduction to forward swizzles, backward skating, and snow plow stop.
Tot 34-6Intermediate-Advanced Beginning stroking, skate on one foot, edges and curves.
Tot 44-6AdvancedBeginning crossovers, forward stroking, and backward swizzles.
FUNdamental Skating Skills
Basic 16-12BeginnerBasics for beginner skater.
Basic 26-12Prerequisite Basic 1One foot skating, turning front to back, back swizzles.
Basic 36-12Prerequisite Basic 2Stroking, two foot spin, on foot glides, beginner forward crossovers, and edges
Basic 46-12Prerequisite Basic 3Backward stroking, edges, advanced forward crossovers, beginning back crossovers.
Basic 56-12Prerequisite Basic 4Back edges, back crossovers, beginning one foot spin.
Basic 66-12Prerequisite Basic 53-turns, T-stops, Spirals, Lunges, back 2 foot turns.
Pre-Freeskate Silver6-12Prerequisite Basic 6Mohawks, edges, advanced turns. Intro to jumps and spin preparations, footwork.
Freeskate & Specialty Skating Classes
Pre-Freeskate Gold6 & UpPrerequisite Pre-Freeskate SilverMohawks, edges, advanced turns. Intro to jumps and spins, jump and spin preparation, and footwork.
Freeskate 1-66 & UpPrerequisite Pre-Freeskate GoldJumps, spins, and footwork.
Freeskate 6 Plus6 & UpPrerequisite Freeskate 6Skills included those needed to earn a solo in the annual ice show. Axel, double jumps, flying, and combination spins and footwork.
High Freeskate6 & UpPrerequisite Freeskate 6 PlusAdvanced skating skills, jumps, and spins.
PowerPre-FS & UpPre FS-High FSDevelop endurance, speed, and strength.
Showcase Team6 & UpFs 1-6Competitive performance team. Group skating skills to music for the purpose of competing.

Commitment to 3 competitions and 2 performances required.
Showcase Team Jr.6 & UpBasic 4-PreFS GoldSame as Showcase Team.
Learn to Skate USA Adult Lessons
Adult 1-416 & UpBeginner-AdvancedLearn standing and balance, forward and backward skating.

Class is broken into levels advanced moves, edges, and turns.
Skate Fit16 & UpAdult AdvancedSkate into fitness. Skate 10 laps to complete 1 mile. How many laps can you do? Beginners through advanced skaters will be challenged with skills and agility. Adults should be able to skate comfortably to participate.
Figures14 & UpAdvancedCreating the figure eight and other patterns through body alignment, control, and technique.
Adult Freeskate16 & UpAdvancedIntroduction to jumps, spins, footwork, and gliding maneuvers.
Teen12-16Beginnger-AdvancedLearn balance, forward and backward skating. Class broken into levels.
Falcons Hockey AssociationThe Park District of Highland Park is proud to partner with the Falcons Hockey Association which enables FHA to coach and run all hockey class, with a full sheet of ice dedicated to hockey developmental classes. Prior to registering for any Falcons Hockey class, participants are required to have successfully passed Mini-Mites, Tot 1 or Basic 1 skating offered by PDHP Learn to Skate program. If you are looking for a beginning hockey class and still need to learn to skate, please refer to our Learn to Skate classes. Falcons Hockey Coaches are highly qualified and trained. Falcons coaches will evaluate and divide the skaters into appropriate skill levels on the ice.
Little Falcons4 & UpPrerequisite Mini-Mites, Tot 1, or Basic 1Developmental program to give skaters a solid foundation of skating, stick handling, shooting and passing. Hockey skates, hockey helmet with mask, shin & elbow pad, hockey gloves and hockey stick are required.

Skating Tips and Information

  • Please arrive at Centennial at least 20 minutes prior to class time. This ensures enough time to put on ice skates and be ready for the start of class.
  • Skates can be rented at the front desk for $2.00 each class or a 10-punch pass may be purchased.
    • We recommend renting skates during the first few sessions prior to purchasing your own.
    • Skates run true to shoe size. We do not have half sizes.
    • Thin socks or tights should be worn with skates.
    • Skates should fit tighter than tennis shoes.
    • Laces should be tied as tight as possible.
  • Proper ice skating attire:
    • Warm, comfortable athletic pants
    • Long-sleeve sweatshirt or light jacket
    • Mittens or gloves (required)
    • Helmets are highly recommended for beginner skaters- Tot 1 and Basic 1
    • Please avoid bulky winter clothing as they usually restrict movement
  • What to expect on the ice:
    • During the first few weeks of class, we  teach our skaters how to be independent on the ice.
    • This includes learning how to get back up when/if they fall down.
    • For the safety of our instructors and skaters, coaches will not pick students up from the ice.
    • While being on the ice, it is important for each child to pay attention and follow instructions given by their coach.
  • For the safety of all parents and spectators, classes are to be watched from the stands.
  • Skating evaluations will be held the second to last week of each session. Evaluation forms will be sent home after the final class with registration information for the next level.
  • Please note, as each level becomes progressively more demanding and challenging, skaters may remain on the same achievement level for several consecutive sessions.
  • Make up Class Policy:
    • Centennial Ice Skating only offers a make-up class when the absence was due to illness or injury. No scheduling conflicts, previous engagements, or out of town missed classes will be allowed to be made up.
    • In an effort to provide quality instruction while maintaining appropriate class ratios, make-up classes in sections with a full roster will not be permitted. Please contact Carol Sassorossi at 847-579-4103 for a list of available classes.
    • Make-ups are limited to 2 per session and must be made up during the same session as the class(es) missed.


Sheila Lonergan
Skating Events Coordinator

Inga Fedorova
Skating School Coordinator

Ice Show 2019

Rehearsals for the ice show beginning April 6th! Online ticket sales will also begin in April.

For more information on the 2019 Ice Show, Happy Campers, visit our Ice Show website!

Freestyle, Moves & Ice Dance Practice Time

Online registration for Freestyle Package Ice for Spring session begins Wed, February 13 at 8am.   Package Ice time is Monday 3:50-4:50 and Thursday 4:50-5:50.  There are no Saturday Packaged ice times due to Ice Show Rehearsals. Spring Freestyle Ice runs April 1-May 30, 2019.  Online registration is the fastest way to register, or you may register in person at Centennial Front Desk. Discounts for Highland Park Figure Skating Club members will be automatically applied during check-out.

Winter Ice Schedule: January 7-March 23

All ice time fees must be paid before going on ice.
6-7am $10
7-8:30am $14
2:40-3:40pm $10
6-7am $10
7-8:30am $14
2:40-3:40pm $10
6:00-7:00am $10
7:00-8:30am $14
2:40-3:40pm $10
6-7:30am $14
7:30-8:30am $10
6-7am $10
7-8:30am $14
2:40-3:40pm $10
Open Ice Dance
9:10-10:50am $14



Welcome to the Park District of Highland Park Gymnastics Program! Centennial Ice Arena houses PDHP’s Gymnastics Studio and offers levels for all ages 1 ½ – 13. Gymnastics improves strength, balance, and flexibility while building self-confidence and new skills along the way.

Gymnastics Lessons

Below classes are for the Winter Session.

Class NameAgeDescription
Itsy Bitsy Tumblers | Parent Tot1½-2Develop large motor skills, get an intro to gym equipment, and learn spatial awareness.
Tumble Tots | Parent Tot2-3Develop large motor skills and basic gymnastics using equipment in an obstacle course format.
Little Pros3-4An independent learning opportunity to build self-confidence, strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. Focuses on enhancing basic body movement, tumbling skills, and using equipment.

Children must be potty trained.
(not yet in kindergarten)
An advanced class which builds a strong foundation for skill comprehension.
Family Fun TimesAdult/Child: Ages 2-6Children benefit by example from their siblings or parents to learn basic gymnastics skills.
(MUST be in kindergarten)
Improve on skills previously learned, practice new skills, and gain confidence. Focuses on independent movement, muscle control and body awareness.
Gymnastics Club4-6Have fun learning gymnastics, playing games, storytelling, and making crafts.
Gymnastics | Recreational Gymnastics Program
Beginner 16-12No previous formal gymnastics exposure required. Learn basic gymnastic body positions, skills, and build coordination and strength.
No experience needed.
Beginner 26-12An continuing class which focuses on improving and learning more advanced skills.

Prerequisites: Beginner 1 level class or evaluation by an instructor.
Advanced Beginner6-12Progressively harder gymnastics skills will be taught while focusing on proper form and technique on all equipment.
Prerequisites: Beginner 2 level class and instructor evaluation and permission.
Tumbling8-13Tumbling class is geared to introduce technique and progression of tumbling skills.
Intermediate6-13A higher level class geared towards gymnasts who prefer not to be on a competitive team. Strength and conditioning as well as proper technique will be emphasized.
Prerequisites: Advanced Beginner level classes and instructor evaluation and permission.
Pre-Team and Competitive Team | Pre-Team and Competitive Team programs are invitation only or must have evaluation from Team Coach, Gymnastics Coordinator or Recreation Supervisor.
Pre Team6-13For gymnasts showing potential for competitive team. Focus on skill development, form, technique, strength, conditioning and flexibility. Must have approval from Team Coach or Coordinator.
Competitive Team6-13Competitive Team follows USAG guidelines and compete in AAU and GIJO League. Must have Team Coach or Coordinator approval.
Total Package at HPI6-13Girls only class off-site at Health Performance Institute. HPI trainers will provide sport specific strength, flexibility, power and injury prevention training,

General Information and Policies

  • For the safety of all concerned, anyone who is not participating in a class (siblings, friends, parents, or caretakers) is not allowed in the gym. Non-participants will be asked to wait in the lobby or Activity Room A (if available) where they may view class through a window.
  • For safety and comfort, proper athletic attire is mandatory for all gymnasts.
    • Girls: gymnastics leotard or leggings/shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. Please no baggy shirts.
    • Boys: Shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt.
  • Any clothing with buttons, zippers and/or snaps is unacceptable. No shoes or socks are permitted in the gym, bare feet are best!
  • Long hair MUST be tied back into a pony-tail. Short hair or bangs should be pulled away from the face with a clip or headband.
  • There is no food, gum/candy, or drinks other than water permitted in the gymnastics gym.
  • Make up Class Policy:
    • Centennial Gymnastics only offers a make-up class when the absence was due to illness. No scheduling conflicts, previous engagements, or out of town missed classes will be allowed to be made up.
    • In an effort to provide quality instruction while maintaining appropriate class ratios, make-up classes in sections with a full roster will not be permitted. Please contact Carol Sassorossi at 847-579-4103 for a list of available classes.
    • Make-ups are limited to 2 per session and must be made up during the same session as the class(es) missed.
  • Participants must remain off the equipment and floor until it is their class time and they are called to class by their instructor.
  • Our gymnastics staff reserves the right to move students to the appropriate level if needed.

Open Gym IMG_2655

Centennial Gymnastics also offers a Parent and Child open gym time weekly for ages 1 1/2 -6.  Open gym sessions are also offered during winter and spring break. Parent supervision is required. $6 per child/per hour.

Winter Open Gymnastics Schedule January 7-March 23:

Tuesday:  10:30-11:30am and 1:15-2:15pm
Wednesday:  11:15am-12:15pm and 1:15-2:15pm

Private Lessons

For those interested in learning more skills and progressing faster, or specific skills for cheer-leading or competition.

Private Lesson Fees:
$40/30 minutes
$55/ 45 minutes
$70/60 minutes

Centennial Ice Arena

DSC_7975For information on booking a birthday party, please contact Stephanie Sylvester at 847.579.4108 or

Ice Skating Party
Skating parties are not available May 28-Sep 5.

Skate and glide your way to a birthday party not to be forgotten. Ice skating parties are a unique and exciting way to celebrate your special day. Parties are held during public skating sessions throughout the year. Upon your request, when you book your party, on-ice instructor is available for your guests. All skating party fees must be paid IN FULL within 7 days of booking.

Ice Skating Party times include:

  • Mondays: 11am-1pm (Activity Room 11am-1pm)
  • Tuesdays: 11am-1pm (Activity Room 11am-1pm)
  • Wednesdays: 11:30am-1pm (Activity Room 11am-1pm)
  • Thursdays: 11am-1pm (Activity Room 11am-1pm)
  • Fridays: 11am-1pm (Activity Room 11am-1pm)
  • Saturdays: 1-2:30pm (Activity Room 12:45pm-2:30pm)
  • Sundays: 1-2:20pm (Activity Room 12:45-2:30pm)


  • 10-20 skaters: $200
    • Party room, skate rentals, skater fees included
  • 21-30 skaters: $280
    • Party room, skate rentals, skater fees included
  • 30+ skaters: $360
    • Party room, skate rentals, skater fees included
  • $75/instructor (advance notice required)


Gymnastics Party

Children ages 3-12 are invited to jump, swing and roll to a birthday filled with fun at Centennial’s gymnastic studio. Our parties are geared to your child’s age group and ability. Obstacle courses are set up using various pieces of gymnastic equipment. Parties last an hour and a half: one hour of gymnastic fun and a half hour of refreshments and presents provided by the host. All gymnastics party fees must be paid IN FULL within 7 days of booking.

Gymnastics Party times include:

  • Saturdays: 3-4:30pm
  • Sundays: 11am-12:30pm, 1-2:30pm & 3-4:30pm


  • 0-20 kids: $310
    • Gymnastics room, party room, 2 instructors
  • 21-30 kids: $385
    • Gymnastics room, party room, 3 instructors


Rental Information

Private Rental
Have an exclusive party of  broomball, hockey or just
recreational skating. For availability and pricing, please call Centennial at 847.579.4108.

Front Desk Hours

  • Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
  • Saturday, 9:30am-12:30pm