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Deer Creek USTA Team Finishes 3rd at Midwest Championship

10/18/18 – Deer Creek Racquet Club’s USTA 7.0 65 & Over Doubles Men’s Team finished third at the Midwest Section Championship Tournament held in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 13 -14.  To reach the tournament, the team won five matches at the Illinois District Championships Tournament. 

The Deer Creek team played three matches during the two-day Midwest Championship tournament, losing two key tiebreakers in the process.  Had they won the tiebreakers, the team would have advanced to the National Championships. 

“In one of our matches, my partner Geoff Gluck and I were paired against opponents who won a point but then quickly conceded the point after realizing that they had inadvertently played it out of proper deuce/ad side alignment.” said Bob Rubin, member of the Deer Creek USTA 7.0 65 & Over Doubles Men’s Team.   “As a brilliant display of sportsmanship, Geoff nevertheless honored our opponent’s point win because it was played in good faith.  All four of us shared a hearty chuckle at the realization that at the 65 & over age level, such gaffes are bound to occur.”

Rubin and Gluck have been friends since their high school days at Highland Park High School.  Other Members of the Deer Creek USTA team include: Greg Beckway, Bob Shineflug, Dan Robin, Raphael Hernandez, Bob Zumph, Lew Miller, and Phil Dlouhy. 

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