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Annual Water Testing Results

11/1/19 – In cooperation with the City of Highland Park, Districts 112 and 113, and as part of our on-going commitment to protect the health and safety of everyone who utilizes our parks and facilities, the Park District of Highland Park has completed its annually testing of all public drinking fountains and faucets.  

Certified lab tests were conducted to determine if there are elevated levels of lead in the water higher than the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) levels for safe use and consumption. The USEPA action level for lead is 15 parts per billion (ppb) at which point remedial action is recommended.

Out of eleven facilities and 44 parks, only one location tested was found to be unsatisfactory according to USEPA standards. 

Brown Park – At the two-bowl water fountain located in the park, one bowl tested at 16.5 parts per billion with the first sample, and below the USEPA action level in a second sample. The other bowl tested at 15.1 parts per billion with the first sample, and 18.3 parts per billion with the second sample. This two-bowl fountain will remain out of service until remediation occurs and the fountain is retested. 

Our top priority is the health and safety of our public and staff.  Federal guidance indicates that children are at the highest risk for harmful lead exposure, and they can be exposed to lead from a variety of sources including paint, soil and even some consumer products.  For additional information about lead and children, visit

Please contact Dan Voss, Director of Parks, Properties and Planning at or 847-579-3130 with any questions. 



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