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Staying Happy and Healthy at Home

11/18/20 – While our in-person programs and activities are paused as a result of the State’s and City’s COVID-19 Resurgence Mitigation Orders, our team has created a library of videos and activities designed to keep you active, entertained, and healthy.

Get your workout in with Recreation Center fitness instructors, practice your tennis swing with our pros from Deer Creek Racquet Club and Sunset Valley, learn something new with your family with our ParkSchool and Heller teachers, and so much more.  Follow our ideas and videos for fitness and exercise, golf tips, indoor activities, crafts and projects for all ages posted below and on our Facebook page.   Enjoy & stay well!


Exercise Your Heart
And Pay It Forward

Living an enriched and healthy lifestyle should not be constrained by financial hardship. Now, more than ever, local families need your help. The Parks Foundation of Highland Park is dedicated to giving every resident the opportunity to participate in Park District programs. If you are enjoying our free online classes, please remember your neighbors in need and donate to the Parks Foundation of Highland Park today.  DONATE NOW!


Recreation Center of Highland Park 

All Levels Yoga with Silvia (Full Class, 23 min)
Strength and Core with Jodi (Full Class, 42 min)
Cardio & Tone with Lauren (Full Class, 32 min)
AMRAP with Trevor (Full Class, 29 min)
Tabata with Lauren (Full Class, 37 min)
Cardio Express with Lauren (Full Class, 35 min)
Upper Body Strength with Trevor (Full Class, 34 min)
Boxing Bootcamp with Justin (Full Class, 30 min)
Trainer Tip with Justin – Proper Breathing Technique During Workouts
Kettlebell Sculpt with Lauren (Full Class, 47 min)
Upper Body Workout with Trevor (Full Class, 30 min)
Total Body Strength with Justin
Trainer Tip with Justin – Proper Grip when Using Exercise Equipment at Home
Indoor Cycle or Home Cardio Equipment HIIT Workout with Jodi (Full Class, 43 min)
Towel Tabata with Lauren (Full Class, 54 min)
Total Body EMOM with Trevor (Full Class, 35 min)
Strength + Low-Impact Cardio with Jodi (Full Class, 48 min)
Boxing Fundamentals with Justin (Full Class, 33 min)
Bodyweight Cardio with Lauren (Full Class, 34 min)
Trainer Tip with Trevor: How to Perfect your Plank Form
Cardio Strength with Jodi (Full Class, 47 min)
Strength and Core with Lauren (Full Class, 43 min)
Yoga with Katie
Fitness Circuit 
Gentle Yoga with Marian 
Pilates Flow with Ellen
Total Body Strength Workout with Faith
Strength and Cardio Workout with Jillian
Total Body Workout with Trevor
Full Body Workout with Chelsea 
Chair Strength Intervals with Lindsay
Chair Fitness with Sue
Dance with Erin
Yoga with Laura
Yoga with Liz
Partner Workout 
Core Workout with Brad
CHARRE (Chair + Barre) Workout with Cara 
Total Body Strength Workout with Katy
Cardio Drills with Justin
Strength Intervals with Michael
Barre with Lisa 
Outdoor Workout with Lauren
12-minute Workout for Kids

ParkSchool & Childhood Enrichment

Making an Upsie Daisy with Ms Ginny
Making New Paint Using Old Markers with Ms Ginny
Bowling Game with Recycled Items with Ms Ginny
Water Week Lesson 1: Cut & Tell/Rain Popper Tutorial with Ms Ginny
Water Week Lesson 2: The Three States of Water with Ms Ginny
Water Week Lesson 3: Noodle Experiments with Ms Ginny
Water Week Lesson 4: Water & Boat Experiment with Ms Ginny
Icky Germs with Ms Shannon
Sidewalk Chalk Art with Ms Sara
Crazy Comparisons with Ms Sara
Old School Hopscotch with Ms Sara
Rock Sentiments with Ms Sara

More Children’s Activity Resources

Art For Kids Illinois
Drawing for Fun  
Dance Moves
Magic of Gary Kantor 
Chicago North Shore Moms Family Tips, Games, Activities 
Mom Junction Dance Games 
KidActivities Improve Games 
KidActivitiesFree Educational Subscriptions
MomDot Crafts 
Learning4Kids Science Activities
Rainy Day Mum Science Activities 
DisruptionChris Live Streaming Field Trips  
Adventures in Familyhood Virtual Field Trips 
The Coder School Free Coding Classes 

Heller Nature Center

Celebrating Earth Day with the Heller Team
Lessons from Nature with Amy
New Nature Perspectives with Amy
Animal Vision with Amy
History of Arbor Day with Rebecca
Making a Pollinator Home for your Backyard with Meghan
Navigating the Stars with Amy
Fire Building with Meghan
Backyard Planting Tips with Meghan
Star Exploration with Amy
Backyard Exploring with Amy  
Neighborhood Tracking with Amy

More Nature Activity Resources 
National Parks Virtual Tours 
Audubon Society 15 Common Birds 
Audubon Society Birding 
Cincinnati Zoo Daily Animal Highlights
Nature Scavenger Hunts

Sunset Valley Golf Club 

Putting Backswing and Follow Through Tips with PGA Pro Rob Saunders
More Putting Drills at Home with Cole Sangern
Golf Tips from PGA Pro Rob Saunders
Putting Drills at Home with Cole Sangern

More Golf Resources 
Over 50 Golf Exercises
Yoga Stretches for Golfers
Golfer Wrist Exercises
Indoor Chipping Drills 
Indoor Putting Drills 

Deer Creek Racquet Club 

Tennis Taps Drills with Cyrus
Tennis Wall Volleying with Hristo Pandulev
Sock Drill with Richard Watson
Ladder Ball Toss Drill with Richard Watson
Tennis Drills at Home with Chris Visconti
Cardio Tennis with Chris Visconti
Sidewalk Tennis with Chris Visconti
Patio Cardio Tennis with Cyrus
Driveway Tennis with Cyrus

More Tennis Resources 

Practice Tennis at Home
Tennis Activities at Home
Basement Tennis
How to Change Your Stroke  
Improve Your Serve

HP Athletics 

Practice Your Pitching Technique with Mike
Wall Baseball
12-minute Workout for Kids
Baseball Training 

Aquatics/Hidden Creek AquaPark

Lifeguards and Water Safety with Jenna
Stewie the Duck Read-Along with Jenna

More Tennis Resources
Water Safety Crossword Puzzle 
Water Safety Cartoon 
Water Safety for Kids 
Red Cross Preparing to be a Lifeguard

West Ridge Center Performing Arts 

Musical Theatre Exercise with Margo and Amy
Hip-Hop Fancy Footwork Tutorial by dance instructors Matt Hyatt

…more to come soon!