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Park Avenue Boating Facility
8 Park Avenue
Highland Park, Illinois 60035


*The Park Avenue Barge is Closed to the Public




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Boaters must have a season pass for entry. All boaters must follow strict guidelines. Parking at Park Avenue Boating Facility will be restricted only to boaters who have purchased a parking decal.  

Park Avenue Boating Facility Season Parking Sticker –  $135 Resident / $215 Non-resident
Parking is allowed during posted times. A parking sticker is included with a season boating storage and/or launch pass. One parking sticker per boater.  A Park Avenue Boating Facility Season parking sticker is required for access to the boating facility. In Highland Park, all watercraft of any type must be launched from the boating facility.

How to get your Park Avenue Boating Facility Season Parking Sticker:
For returning boaters who have purchased their season passes online by June 10, your parking sticker is available for pick up at the Recreation Center of Highland Park (Mon-Th 6 am – 6 pm, and Fri-Sun 6 am – 2 pm)

All boaters may purchase Park Avenue Boating Facility Season parking sticker in-person at the Recreation Center of Highland Park (Mon-Th 6 am – 6 pm, and Fri-Sun 6 am – 2 pm)

Boaters interested in purchasing storage should click here to purchase storage or launch passes.  Please contact Robyn Zullo at with questions on purchasing storage and launch passes.

*The Park Avenue Barge is Closed to the Public



Park Avenue features a concrete ramp and sand launching ramp, two parking lots, three boat storage and is home to the North Shore Yacht Club. The facility’s north storage area accommodates boats up to 25’, power boats, sailboats, and personal water crafts. The south storage area accommodates sailboats up to 18′. Additional space is available for sail/mast storage as well as rack/cable storage for kayaks and sunfish.

Swimming is not permitted at Park Avenue. Lakefront swimming is allowed at Rosewood Beach.

Park Avenue Vehicular Traffic

Two-way Traffic at Park Avenue Boating Facility
•The west roadway of the plant is closed.  All boaters, residents and visitors are to follow the two-way traffic pattern around the water plant.
•There are three boat turnaround areas on the east and south side of the water plant.
•Please adhere to parking regulations as signed.

Parking and Traffic Assistance
•The seasonal parking restriction signs have been placed and enforcement will be limited to warnings (with the exception of handicap areas) until mid-May.
•A City of Highland Park decal will allow access to Park Avenue Monday-Friday and on weekends/holidays after 3pm.
•A Park Avenue season parking decal is required on weekends and holidays before 3pm.
•Daily (one-day) parking passes OR launch passes are NOT available.

Vessel Safety Checks
Vessel safety checks will be held by appointment at Park Avenue Boating Facility or even at boaters’ places of residence. Contact Donna Feldman at 847.597.8125 for more information or to arrange for a safety check time & location. All USCG Vessel Safety Checklists must be received prior to launching motorized vessels. The USCG will once again be located at the base of the hill, near the reclamation building.

Lake & Weather Conditions

Click here for current water temperature.


Click here for latest parking information. the A parking area for vehicles with attached trailers is available onsite. Vehicle/trailer length must not exceed 45′.

Launching & Storage

Park Avenue Boat Launch and Storage Information

Park Avenue Boating Facility Regulations

  • Observe no anchor & wake zones.
  • No alcoholic beverages.
  • No glass containers, bonfires and grills.
  • Feeding of wildlife or other actions that encourage their presence is prohibited.
  • Bicycles and skateboards must be walked on sidewalks.
  • Dogs must be on a leash in the park and are not allowed on the beach.
  • No swimming or wading.
  • No smoking.
  • Vehicles will be ticketed if appropriate and valid decal is NOT displayed.
  • Caution: Beware of underwater obstacles.

Boating Season Policies

1. Daily fees are not available (season decal only).
2. Motorized boats must have a safety inspection and display the current U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Safety Decal to launch from Park Avenue Boating Facility. Contact Donna Feldman at 847.597.8125 for information. Vessel Safety Checks will be held at Park Avenue Boating Facility, schedule TBD.
3. Vehicle/trailer length must not exceed 45′.
4. Fees are nonrefundable.
5. Click here for the Lakefront Parking Chart.

Trekkers_Sailing_ParkAveBeach_038Boating Fees for the 2020 Summer Season

Season Launch Passes: Click to Register  (includes tow vehicle parking)

(Fees Resident/Non-resident)
•Power Boat Launching                                                                            $465/$835
•Personal Water Craft Launching (only 10 NR sold per season)     $465/$835
•Sailboats or Catamaran Launching                                                      $465/$835

Senior Discount
Highland Park residents and residents paying Park District taxes ages 65 & older are entitled to a 15% senior discount for season launch decals only. Proof of boat ownership, current Park District tax bill and Highland Park residency required. For additional questions, please refer to our residency policy Lakefront located on the registration form.

Store & Launch All Season: Click to Register  includes a $100 REFUNDABLE storage fee deposit, if boat is REMOVED prior to the Oct 15, 2020 deadline.
•Power Boat                                                    $1,110/$1,580
•Personal Water Craft                                   $1,110/$1,580
•Sailboat or Catamaran                                $650/$930
•Board Boat Tier or Cable                            $400/$575
•Mast & Sail Storage                                     $55/$95
•Stand Up Paddleboard                                $415/$600
*Includes ONE boat launch decal, ONE trailer parking decal, ONE vehicle parking decal.

Year-Round Storage & Launch fees: Click to Register Valid Apr 30-Apr 29 annually with no deposit fee!
•Power Boat/Personal Water Craft            $1,310/$1,780
•Sailboat/Catamaran                                     $680/$940
•Board Boat Tier                                             $410/$600
*Includes ONE boat launch decal, ONE trailer parking decal and ONE vehicle parking decal. Limited availability.

Park Avenue SEASON Parking Decal*

 (available to eligible season launch decal holders only for purchase – ONE per household, NOT available to PWC Launchers)

 Res: $135          NR:$215 
Parking decals valid through December and can be purchased online before April 30 or in-person starting May 1 (see details below).

How to receive your decal:
1. For storage and parking pass holders who have purchased their passes online by June 9, your parking decal will be available for pick at the Recreation Center of Highland Park.
2. On and after June 10, to purchase a parking decal, please stop in the Recreation Center of Highland Park to purchase and pick up a decal.
3. For storage holders after June 10, please purchase your storage online and contact Robyn Zullo to set up an appointment to receive your storage decals/map.

Season Launch Passes (includes tow vehicle parking)

Returning Boaters
Online registration begins Monday, March 16 at 9am. Motorized boaters may forfeit their space, if not registered by Monday, March 30. To register, click here & input the appropriate item code. (New users to the website may be required to create a login/password.)

PLEASE NOTE:  Availability of Vessel storage on the South Pad, Storage Rack and Cable on the Boating Beach will be dependent on lakefront conditions. Information may change and will be posted online here. The Park District of Highland Park is currently not accepting new storage applications for non-motorized vessels. To inquire about being placed on the wait-list for non-motorized vessel storage please contact Robyn Zullo at

New Boaters:
Motorized Only: Register online (See dates below)! In order to complete the registration process, new boaters must contact Robyn Zullo, at with proof of residency and proof of boat ownership documents.
•Resident registration begins Monday, March 30
•Non-Resident registration begins Monday, April 6

New MOTORIZED boat storage APPLICANTS will be placed into a lottery.  Residents will receive priority to obtain a seasonal STORAGE space-limited availability.  All lottery applicants will be contacted.

Proof of residency:
To receive resident rates
, bring your Highland Park Drivers License, along with one of the following documents (which displays a Highland Park address):

  • Current Park District tax bill
  • State of Illinois ID card
  • Current automobile registration
  • Copy of real estate contract
  • Current US Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel Safety Check
  • Proof of vessel ownership

*The Park District reserves the right to reject incomplete or illegible registration applications submitted either online or in-person.

 Getting Your Season Decals

Season Launch Pass Decal
•For passes purchased before June 10, the launch decal will be available for pick up at the Recreation Center of Highland Park beginning June 10.
•For passes purchased after Jun 10, please schedule an appointment with Robyn Zullo at to pick up your decal at Deer Creek Racquet Club.  Registrants must provide driver’s license, printed email confirmation of registration and proof of boat ownership (if not on file) to receive decal.

Please note: US Coast Guard Vessel Safety Check decals must be displayed before first motorized launch of the season. Vessel Safety Checks will be held at Park Avenue Boating Facility, schedule TBD or by appointment only.  Contact Donna Feldman 847.597.8125 for information.

Season Store and Launch Pass Decal (In-Season or Year-Round)

After registering, your storage decal and map and gate access code (if applicable) will be mailed to you.

Please note: Vessels with auxiliary power are required to display a US Coast Guard Vessel Safety Check decal before first launch of the season. Vessel Safety Checks will be held at Park Avenue Boating Facility, schedule TBD or by appointment only.

Please note: Season launch decals must be permanently affixed to the vehicle and vessel to be valid. Maximum of three Personal Water Craft per registered person. The Park District will only issue a total of 10 PWC launch decals to NON-residents (residents unlimited).

Storage Information*

Board Boat Storage (kayak/sailboat) is located on the South Beach.

A. Storage space is available either on our three tiers storage racks or on beach cable.
B. Each season launch pass include one vessel decal and one parking decal.
C. Racks for sails and other equipment are also available for an additional fee.
D. See complete Park Avenue Facility Regulations

Boat Storage

A. All Power Boats will be stored on the North pad (Inside or Outside of the Fenced in area). Double hull boats are stored only on the South pad. Sailboats are stored ONLY on the South pad.
B. Boat placement at the discretion of the Park District.
B. Boat storage spaces are assigned according to boat type and storage location.
C. Each assigned storage space includes: one storage decal, one launch decal and one vehicle/trailer parking decal.
D. See complete Park Avenue Facility Regulations
*Loss from theft, vandalism or accident resulting during storage of any personal property on park premises is at the owner’s risk and the Park District is not held responsible.


Safety MandatesPark Avenue Facility Regulations

  • Boats over 21′ may have difficulty launching in low water situations. Caution must be taken to prevent damage.
  • All motorized boat owners must have a safety inspection and display the current U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Safety Decal. It is mandatory that these safety requirements be met before purchasing launching decal or a daily fee.
  • Vessel Safety Checks (VSC):
    For the boating season, we will continue to provide this complimentary service for all of our power boaters. SVC will be conducted at Park Avenue, schedule TBD.  Inspections are week to week depending on availability of inspectors. If you are unable to make the times listed above, you may contact Donna Feldman at 847.597.8125 with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary to schedule an appointment.
  • All boats launching must not exceed factory setting on noise levels and must conform to all federal, state and local laws concerning noise levels. Violators are subject to suspension of launching privileges.
  • Patrons may launch their vessels, during non-staffed hours.

Personal Water Craft (P.W.C.) Launching Regulations – Jet Skis, Wave Runners – Park Avenue Facility Regulations

P.W.C. owners must purchase a season launch decal.  Daily launch passes are not available.

  • Personal Flotation Devices (P.F.D.) must be worn at all times.
  • P.W.C. must be at Idle Speed only in harbor and within 300 yards of ramp/fishing area.
  • P.W.C. must have a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary VESSEL SAFETY CHECK prior to registering for a decal/pass.
  • P.W.C. may beach north of the water treatment plant. Boaters may only beach on the South Beach at the attendant’s discretion.
  • All P.W.C. must not exceed factory setting on noise levels.
  • No operations of P.W.C. are allowed between sunset/sunrise.
  • P.W.C. must adhere to all rules and regulations at the Park Avenue Boating Facility.
  • P.W.C. owners are responsible for any use of the P.W.C. Misuse is subject to disciplinary action.

Notice to FishermanPark Avenue Facility Regulations: section: 8

Due to space limitations, no one person may have more than two poles and one net while fishing at the Park Avenue facility. Angle parking is available for vehicles not more than 20 feet long.

SecurityPark Avenue Facility Regulations: section: 2

The Park Avenue facility could be affected by increased security at the Highland Park Water Plant. The Park District will remain in close contact with the Highland Park Police Department and will notify our patrons of any changes in procedures as soon as possible.

Illinois Boat Registration & Safety ActPark Avenue Facility Regulations: section: 3

No person under 10 years of age may operate a motorboat. Persons at least 10 years of age and less than 12 years of age may operate a motorboat only if they are accompanied on the motorboat and under the direct control of a parent or guardian. Persons at least 12 years of age and less than 18 years of age may operate a motorboat only if they are accompanied on the motorboat and under the direct control of a parent or guardian, or such motorboat operator is in possession of a Boating Safety Certificate issued by the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Education, authorizing the holder to operate motorboats. Violations of this Section done with the knowledge of a parent or guardian shall be deemed a violation by the parent or guardian and punishable under Chapter 625, Article 11a of this Act.

Vessel Safety Checks (VSC) – Park Avenue Facility Regulations: section: 4

The Vessel Safety Check is a complimentary check of your boat conducted by members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, confirming that it meets both federal and state requirements for safety. No citations are issued and the results of the safety check are not reported to any enforcement agency, but a decal is awarded to display if the vessel has passed the examination.

An example of some of the items checked include:

  • Personal Flotation Devices (life jackets)
  • Registration and numbering
  • Navigation lights
  • Ventilation
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Distress signals (flares, horn, etc.)
  • Battery cover and connections

All of these items are currently required by state and federal laws and, if missing or non-operating, can result in a citation if your vessel is inspected by the Coast Guard.  The Vessel Safety Check gives you a risk-free way to check that you meet the legal minimums and to potentially avoid a citation later.

The clubhouse is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, is open to the general public for rentals and is the ideal venue107-0764_IMG for your celebration, birthday party, rehearsal dinner, graduation party or your corporate outing.

Rentals Include

  • Use of the main hall, fireplace lounge, observation deck, complete kitchen and access to the public beach area.
  • Tables (5 round, 7 rectangle) and chairs available to accommodate 45 seated guests (fire code capacity: 60 people max for clubhouse and deck area).
  • An attendant is present during the allotted rental time.

Rental Fees (three hour minimum)

  • Individual –  $275/resident, $375/nonresident $100/each additional hour
  • Not for Profit – $150/resident, $200/nonresident, $35/each additional hour
  • Organization (Profit) – $300/resident, $425/nonresident, $90/each additional hour


Rentals are available Jun  – Labor Day on the following days of the week and times:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings after 5pm until ONLY 10pm
  • Saturdays beginning at 3pm until ONLY 11pm

Other times are available depending on the time of year. Bookings are available up to 90 days in advance.

Rental Policies

  • Alcohol may be served but is restricted to the building and the deck area. A special permit must be completed and an insurance policy purchased TWO business weeks PRIOR to the rental ($195).
  • Smoking is NOT permitted ANYWHERE on the grounds of Park District Boating Facility, which includes all parking lots.
  • Mooring a boat for the function is allowed only after each request is individually approved. Launching fees are not included in rental fee.
  • Swimming is NOT permitted at Park Avenue Boating Facility.
  • $100 refundable cleaning/damage deposit is required. All rentals must be cleaned up and vacated BEFORE the end of the contracted time (10pm weekdays and 11pm weekends) or the rental party will be subject to forfeit the $100 deposit.
  • Rental fee includes a 30 minute set-up time at no charge. A set-up requiring more time must be included in rental agreement.
  • See complete Park Avenue Facility Regulations sections 1,2 pertaining to parking and other guidelines.
  • Park Ave Rental FAQ
  • Yacht Club Rentals Opening-Closing Checklist


  • For further information call West Ridge Center 847.579.3125.
  • Rental agreements MUST be completed IN PERSON only at the West Ridge Center, 636 Ridge Road, Highland Park, IL 60035. 
  • Reservations are confirmed upon approval of a completed contract and payment of full rental fees and the $100 refundable cleaning/damage deposit.