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Grateful Dink Mixed Doubles Pickleball Tournament
Date & Time
Sat, Nov 11 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Recreation Center of Highland Park 1207 Park Avenue West Highland Park, Illinois 60035 Google Maps 

Welcome to the grooviest pickleball tournament of the year – the Grateful Dink! This tournament uniquely blends sportsmanship, music, and good vibes. It’s a mixed doubles tournament, which means each team must consist of one male and one female member. Prepare to serve, dink, and rally your way to victory while enjoying the unmistakable tunes that define the Grateful Dead experience.

Register by October 15 to guarantee your t-shirt size. Prize for the 1st place team.

Price: $35/person

November 11 @ 1:00 pm 5:00 pm

Additional Information Regarding Tournament Play:

  • Teams will play TBD matches. Number of matches is TBD on registrations.
  • Each match will consist of one game to 15, win by 1.
  • To determine which team selects end, serve, receive, or defer, teams will flip a coin and choose heads or tails. The winning team will either select (1) serve or receive, (2) which side to start on, or (3) defer the selection to the opposing team. If the winning team picks serve or receive, then the opposing team will select sides. If the winning team selects sides, then the opposing team will choose to serve or receive. The winning team could also defer to the opposing team. Once a team makes a selection, the selection may not be changed.
  • Teams will switch sides during games when the first team reaches 8 points.
  • Teams will receive 1 point for winning a match.
  • After the match, the winning team will submit the score at our scorer’s table.
  • The winning team is chosen based on win-loss records. If there is a tie, then the tie is broken based on head-to-head matches. If there is still a tie, then the tie is broken by a point differential. If a tie remains after the point differential, then the tie is broken by head-to-head point differential. If there is still a tie, the final tiebreaker is by point differential against the next-highest team.

This tournament would be a round-robin non-elimination event. Teams play one game vs. each of the other TBD number of teams – the tournament winners will be the team that wins the most matches. There are no playoffs.

$35 per person
1207 Park Avenue West
Highland Park, IL 60035 United States
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