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Sleepy Hollow Bridge Replacement

New bridge is open for pedestrian traffic!

Why the Sleepy Hollow Bridge Replacement Took So Long

Replacing a bridge that spans a waterway is a complicated process. It requires engagement of multiple specialized experts including waterway structural engineers and bridge building contractors.  

Permitting is required from State, County and City governments.  The City requires separate permits for the removal of the old structure, construction documents for the new structure, and installation of the bridge.

In addition, no two bridges are alike.  Ready-made bridges of this type are not available for purchase and would be dangerous if they were.  Precise measurements of shorelines, soil types and abutment load all come into play as part of the unique specifications for a structurally sound bridge.


Project Updates:

September 13, 2017

The new bridge is open for pedestrian traffic. 


August 20, 2017   

The bridge is being manufactured and will be delivered the first week in September.  Final installation is scheduled for completion by September 15. 

June 28, 2017 

The Park Board approved the bridge construction bid from Kovilic Construction Co, Inc.,  in the total amount of $65,000.00 at the Park Board meeting on June 27.  Kovilic will begin construction of the bridge which should take 8-weeks to complete.  The bridge is slated for delivery in early September. Installation is expected to be completed within a week following delivery. 

June 20, 2017

Fabrication of the replacement bridge was put out to bid on June 2.  Bids were received today and are being reviewed for a final recommendation and approval by the Park Board at the July 27 meeting. 

Once approved, fabrication of the bridge will begin on  June 28.  Manufacturing a bridge of this type takes between 8-14 weeks.  The Park District specified an expedited eight-week time frame in the bid.  Manufacturing will be completed by Sept 1. 

An estimated time frame for shipping, delivery and installation of the bridge at Sleepy Hollow will be determined once the bids are reviewed over the next week and we can work directly with the manufacturer and installer. 


Timeline of Events and Behind the Scenes Work to Replace the Sleepy Hollow Bridge.

January 17 

January 18 – 19 

Jan 20-Feb 14 

Feb 15     

Feb 16 – April 5

April 6 – June 1  (8 weeks)

June 2 – June 20

June 27

June 28 –  Sept 1

Date TBD