These are complementary components of the same program. Each program focuses on kindergarten readiness using the STREAM system; the major difference is the location and themes. Nature ParkSchool focuses on the environment, ecology, and other nature elements.

6:1 Mighty Oaks, 5:1 Saplings and Sprouts

A maximum of 12 children in Mighty Oaks and a maximum of 10 children in Saplings and Sprouts.

All age groups have childhood enrichment curriculums designed around the STREAM system; this stands for Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Throughout the session various topics and themes are reviewed using these elements

There is a focus on social/emotional growth and independence, motor skill progression, peer collaboration and kindergarten readiness

Attend the first two classes and communicate your concerns to the instructor so we can make attempts to modify the program; if the program is still not the right fit, we will happily apply the Good Time Guarantee.

You can cancel your registration if the request is submitted at least 10 days prior to the program start date; A $100 refund service fee will be assessed per ParkSchool program.

Refunds are not available less than 10 days prior to the program start date.

No!  We are prepared to assist your child in potty-training and diapering.

Yes! Please click on the “Schedule a ParkSchool Tour” button above and Amanda Geoffrion will reach out to schedule an in-person tour.