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Debbie Gottlieb Beitler Dog Park

In Larry Fink Memorial Park, 701 Deer Creek Parkway

Open year-round.  A relaxed park-like atmosphere with separate off-leash exercise areas, depending on the size of your dog. For the safety of our dog park members and their pets, an electronic fob system has been installed at the Debbie Gottlieb Beitler Dog Park. Wash station available mid-April through October. Pickup bag dispensers and trash receptacles are also available.

Highland Park Golf Learning Center

2205 Skokie Valley Highway

Open mid-December through mid-March (dates are weather dependent). A large outdoor venue for your dog to run off some of that cabin fever energy. There are two off-leash exercise areas available, depending on the size of your dog.  

This dog park location is currently closed and will reopen at the end of the year.

Moraine Dog-Friendly Beach

2501 Sheridan Rd.

Open mid-April through mid-November (dates are weather dependent).

Please be aware that due to several years of high lake levels and erosion, the beach has undergone physical changes since it last opened. The site is not completely enclosed.

The beach is open to all, regardless of dog park membership. However, in order to bring your dog, you must have a dog park membership.

A current parking sticker is required and must be adhered to your vehicle’s lower front window to park in the Moraine Park parking lot. A parking decal for Moraine Park is included with a dog park membership.

First Dog
Additional Dog
Must provide current City of Highland Park dog tag number
Must provide current rabies vaccination tag number.

Hours of Operation

Rules & Regulations

Membership may be revoked if rule is violated.