Rosewood Sand Nourishment Project Begins Oct 21

10/14/19 – The Rosewood Beach sand nourishment project is scheduled to begin on Monday, October 21. This emergency project will […]

Sunset Woods Restroom Renovations Begin

10/14/19 – Renovation of the restrooms located in the Sunset Woods field house (near the playgrounds) are closed for renovation.  […]

Sunset Woods Tree Care

10/14/19 – This summer, we have experienced a sudden decline in the health of many trees in Sunset Woods Park. […]

Awesome “No School Day” Activities – Oct. 14…

9/24/19 – The Park District of Highland Park has a bounty of activities to fill your “no school” days with […]

Parks Foundation Seeking New Members

10/14/19 – Get Involved!  This year the Parks Foundation of Highland Park… Provided $166,000 in grants so families in financial […]

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Registration for Fall programs begins July 24! 

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