Sunset Woods Playground Improvements Update

9/17/21 – Demolition of the old play structures is nearing completion, and the project site is looking more like a […]

The Preserve Project Update

9/17/21 – A significant milestone has been achieved by completing the path paving on the east side of The Preserve. […]

5 Kid-Friendly Heller Honey Snack Recipes

9/16/21 – It’s that time of year!  Heller Honey is now on sale! Purchase your honey at Heller Nature Center […]

Highland Park Golf Learning Center Parking Lot Improvements

9/14/21 – This Fall, the Park District is repaving and improving the lot at the Highland Park Golf Learning Center. […]

Pickleball Now at Sunset Woods Park

9/14/21 – Back open and now with pickleball! The three hard surface tennis courts at Sunset Woods Park were patched, […]