Mon, July 15 at 8am – 

Due to the excessive rain:

  • Sunset Woods Park and Sunset Valley Golf Club are closed.
  • Portions of the paths at The Preserve of Highland Park and Larry Fink Park are flooded.
What is the Project Timeline?

January 5, 2022

Phase 1: Preliminary Design (Fall/Winter 2020 – January 2021)
The Preliminary Design phase has three steps:

The concept master plan will serve as a tool to guide future capital planning and support funding opportunities.

The playground concept plan developed in Phase 1 will serve as the foundation for Phase 2 playground final design.

Phase 2: Playground Final Design (Early 2021- Spring 2021)
The design team will develop detailed plans for construction. These plans will detail colors, materials, textures, dimensions, and play pieces.

Phase 3: Playground Construction (Summer – Fall 2021)
The new playground will be constructed. Once construction is completed, the new playground will be open to the community.