5 Quick Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

July 19, 2021

1. Move Your Body

Being stuck at a desk for 8-10 hours a day is a one-way ticket to the chiropractor. One of your biggest goals every day should be to get up and get your blood flowing; the more often you can move around, the better! Your body needs to release tension from being endlessly hunched over your keyboard, and your eyes could definitely use a break from the screen while you’re at it!

2. Hydration Is Key

The fountain of youth may be closer than you think…while we don’t know of any magical potions, water can actually work in mysterious ways! Kicking off the day with a glass of water not only boosts your energy but also helps with digestion and enhances your skin health. If that doesn’t convince you to load up on H20, this next fun fact definitely will. Did you know that hydrating all day long can actually boost your metabolism? That means that burning some extra calories can be as easy as refilling your water bottle a few times a day!

3. Make Sure to Hit All the Food Groups

Summer is all about grilling and eating fresh, so don’t forget to get some fruits and veggies in the mix! They are the best source of vitamins and minerals and are full of prebiotic fiber and antioxidants. Making sure your palette is always packed with these fresh foods can lower blood pressure, reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke, lessen digestive problems, and even prevent some kinds of cancer. Nothing is better than a fruit or veggie salad picnic at one of our parks!

4. Catch Some Z’s

With so much to do and what feels like so few hours in the day, too often we trade our precious beauty sleep for some extra loads of laundry and binging the newest season of our favorite shows. While it may seem like a fair trade in the moment, your body needs to recharge, otherwise you will head into the next day like a zombie with no REM sleep. We need 7-9 hours of sleep to be fully functioning the following day, and the sleep that counts the most occurs from 8pm to midnight. Get off your screens a few hours before bedtime and get some quality sleep!

5. Exercise Regularly

While it’s not news that exercise is good for you, you might be surprised at the little ways it can improve your everyday life. Getting 150 minutes of exercise every week can give your daily energy levels a huge boost and release pent-up tension and stress within your muscles. This increased energy can help you avoid a mid-day slump and might just make that endless to-do list seem a little more realistic! The Recreation Center of Highland Park is the perfect place to get your steps in and offers a variety of ways to get your sweat on. The hours of operation are Monday-Thursday: 5:30am–7:30pm (Closed noon-2pm for cleaning), Friday: 5:30am–2pm and Saturday & Sunday: 7am–1pm.