August 2023: Park Board Meeting Briefs

September 6, 2023

Updates from the August Park Board Meetings

August 2: Lakefront, Parks, and Natural Areas Committee Meeting

Staff reviewed the donation from the Fontana-Pasquesi family and the draft agreement to rename Cloverdale Park. 

Staff reviewed the design development layout plan for the site, furniture, pergola, fencing, and boardwalk options for the Park Avenue North Project.

Staff proposed two (2) projects for the Open Space Land Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) Grant Application. Staff received consensus from the Committee to use the redevelopment of Lincoln Park for the grant application. 

Staff are developing a request for proposal for additional recreational purposes at the Highland Park Golf Learning Center. 

Moroney Park Playground is expected to reopen in late August.

August 15: Finance Committee Meeting

Staff reviewed the Lincoln Park Improvements project budget with/without OSLAD grant Funds and the impacts on the five-year capital plan. 

Staff reviewed the bid openings for the 2023 Roof Improvements Project. It was the consensus of the Committee to place the bid from All American Exterior Solutions on the consent agenda at the August 23, 2023 Regular Meeting. 

Staff reviewed the construction management contract proposals from Gilbane and W.B. Olsen for the New Community Center at West Ridge Park. 

The Park District and Larry Hillman, Hilco, are hosting a neighborhood meeting on Monday, August 21, 2023, regarding the proposed north parking lot at Sunset Woods Park. 

Staff provided a five-year financial analysis report for athletics and a review of the cost centers from January 1, 2023 – July 31, 2023. 

August 23: Regular Meeting of the Park Board

The Park Board of Commissioners approved Ordinance #2023-06: Authorizing and Providing for the Conveyance or Sale of Surplus Personal Property, the OSLAD Grant Resolution of Authorization, and the 2023 Roof Improvements Project Bid.  

The Park Board of Commissioners approved the Donation and Naming Rights Agreement between the Park District of Highland Park and Laurence and Maria Fontana-Pasquesi. The park name “Fontana-Pasquesi Park” will sit for a period of 60 days for public review before being formally adopted based on a 4/5 vote of the Park Board of Commissioners.

The Park District is terminating the contract with Aqua Blue Pools for breach of contract as Aqua Blue Pools has failed to provide the required Performance Bond and Labor and Material Payment Bond. Staff reviewed plans to complete the necessary repairs to the pool shell in advance of the 2024 season.