Discounts, Scholarships,
Payment Plans & Refunds


Early Bird Discount

Register by Thursday, February 29 and receive:

If choosing the payment plan, an early bird discount will apply in full towards your first payment.

Sibling Discount

Save $50 on each additional sibling for any 7, 4, or 3-week option.  Our sibling discount is automatically applied to your shopping cart at the time of registration. 

Military Discount

The Park District of Highland Park provides all active, retired, and veteran military personnel and immediate family residing in the same household, resident rates plus an additional 15% discount for programs, memberships and daily admissions, excluding contractual programs. Register in person with proof of active or veteran service to receive the reduced rate.

Military discounts must be verified each calendar year with the park district. Call 847.831.3810 or email [email protected] for more information.


We do not want a program fee to be a deterrent to your child from participating in summer camp.   If you are a Highland Park or Highwood resident experiencing financial hardship, please email [email protected] or call 847.579.3101 to speak with our staff about available scholarship opportunities. All scholarships and inquiries regarding financial aid are completely confidential. 

SMILE Grant-In-Aid

Our SMILE Grant-In-Aid Program is available to qualifying Highland Park families in needing financial assistance. A SMILE application form requesting detailed financial information is available at Park District facilities or online: 2024 SMILE Grant-In-Aid Application Packet (English or Spanish).

If you meet one of the following criteria, you may qualify for a SMILE Grant-in-Aid Summer Camp Scholarship:

FYI Grant-in-Aid

Our FYI (Foundation Youth Initiative) Grant-in-Aid Program is available to qualifying Highwood families, and can help cover up to 50% of camp program fees.  An FYI application form requesting detailed financial information is available at Park District facilities or online: 2024 FYI Grant-In-Aid Application Packet (English or Spanish).

For more information and to apply for an FYI scholarship, please call 847.579.3101 or email [email protected].

All scholarships are awarded based on the need and availability of funds. Upon submission of a grant request, families will be notified in 15 working days of their status.

Lois & Edmond Zisook Rosewood Beach Summer Camp Scholarship

The Zisook Scholarship is available annually to help fund High Tide, Low Tide Camp for Highland Park or Highwood families facing financial constraints. There are currently three $1,000 scholarships. An application form is available at Park District facilities or online: 2024 Zisook Scholarship (English).

For more information and to apply for the scholarship, contact [email protected].

3-Part Payment Plan

If you choose not to make full payment at the time of registration, you may sign up to pay camp fees in three equal installments. Scheduled payments are charged automatically from the credit/debit card provided at the time of registration. If qualified for the Early Bird discount, the discount will be applied in full to the first payment.


  1. 3-part payments can only occur with the appropriate completed partial payment form at the time of registration or online with the “3-Part Payment Plan” billing option.
  2. No 3-part payment schedules can be honored for any registrations received after April 15.
  3. Camp payments paid in full at the time of registration cannot be changed to a 3-part payment plan.
  4. Your first payment (equal to one-third of your program fees) is collected at the time of registration. This payment is charged immediately to the applicant. Note: If eligible, the early bird, sibling and any other discounts is applied in full towards the first payment
  5. These payments will automatically process on the 5th of the two months following enrollment (Note: If registering in December or January, your scheduled payments will process on Mar 5 and Apr 5).
  6. A $20 service fee is assessed for late or declined payments. If full payment is not submitted within one week of the delinquency, registration is withdrawn, and a refund is issued, less a $50 refund service fee per registration following Park District policy. You will then have the option to re-register, payment in full for our camps at your convenience if openings remain.

Online Scheduled Payment Instructions

  1. Go to and log in to your household account.
  2. Select an eligible camp from the Activity Search page and click Add to Cart
  3. Select a participant and click Continue.
  4. After answering any registration prompts, in the Billing Options field, select Camp 3-Part Payment Plan.
  5. Agree to the waiver at the bottom of the page and click Continue to Cart.
  6. You will be prompted to enter your credit card information to schedule your remaining payments. Your card will not be charged at this time. Click Pay. Note: If eligible, the early bird discount is applied in full toward the first payment.
  7. When you are finished adding programs to your cart, click Proceed to Checkout.
  8. Select a payment method and click Continue.
  9. Enter your credit card information once more; this will be used to charge your first payment, which is processed immediately. Click Pay.

Note: To avoid double charges or registration errors; please be patient when payment is processing. Do not click Pay more than once, or click back on your browser.

Your registration is complete when you reach the confirmation page, and a receipt is generated.


The Park District “Good Time Guarantee” Refund Policy does not apply to camps.


  1. Refund requests may be completed online or in person at the Recreation Center of Highland Park during desk hours. Online – Log in to your online account and select the My Account menu. Click Process a Cancellation and select the program(s) you wish to cancel. Service fees will be assessed according to the schedule listed below. Follow the prompts to checkout. Your refund is not complete until you receive a receipt/confirmation. In-Person – Fill out a Camp Refund Request Form at the Recreation Center of Highland Park. Service fees are assessed according to the schedule listed below. Refund is processed within 3 business days. You will receive a confirmation once the refund is complete via email.
  2. Refunds must be requested before the deadlines listed below. Refunds requested after these dates will not be honored.
  3. If a Park District camp is canceled due to low enrollment, the Park District will issue a full refund.
  4. Registration and the applicable payment are non-transferable between individuals.
  5. We do our best to issue refunds as quickly as possible, but sometimes delays are necessary to ensure accuracy. Refunds by check can take 2-4-weeks to issue. A refund to your charge card may be processed within three business days; however, the credit may not appear on your statement until the next billing cycle.

Refund Schedule & Service Fees