The fields have reached their useful life. Neither the north or south ballfields are used for programming and the District understands there is limited use. As part of this project, the South ballfield will be completely removed and restored to grass. The North ballfield backstop will be replaced and the infield will be restored to grass.

The playground will be closed beginning in August of 2024 until November 2024.

The playground will have new woodchip surfacing. Curbs will be added around the playgrounds, to help keep the woodchips in place. The tot lot will have a small section of pour-in-place surfacing surrounding the embankment slide (slide built into a hill).

Yes, the new path will end at the tennis court gates, extending the existing path that currently ends  a few feet before the gate.

The design with two separated playgrounds for the different age groups improves  safety for users and to maximizes the efficiency of the space.

No, the sand play element will be removed as part of this renovation. The water spigot near the existing sand play feature will also be removed.

If funding allows, the evergreens will be removed and replaced with deciduous conifers. The Park District is exploring the option to remove the evergreens because their health is declining.

Yes, four new trees will be planted around the playground area.

Five trees on the West side of the playground will be removed as part of this project.