Learn Outside with Nature as a Teacher

Heller’s educational programs offer school groups the opportunity to learn about the natural world through experiences in an outdoor setting. Our hands-on philosophy encourages learners to heighten their awareness of the natural world, understand basic ecological concepts, and increase concerns for the earth and all its life. Our school programs are in line with the Next Generation Science Standards.

To inquire about school programs, booking or designing a program for your group, please call Kerrick Goodman-Lucker at 847.579.4182.

prepare your class for their outdoor learning experience

  • Dress appropriately. Long pants, sturdy shoes, and socks are necessities for students and adults. No sandals please. Boots, warm clothing and rain gear may be appropriate depending on the weather and/or program.
  • Students are coming to Heller to learn. Applied outdoor learning is fun, but following directions and listening are essential. Teachers are responsible for discipline.
  • All adults are expected to fully participate in the program!

Registration Information

Reservations are required for all group programs. We suggest that you book all of your programs for the entire school year as early as possible as the schedule fills quickly. To schedule your experience call Heller Nature Center at (847) 433-6901. 


It is important to be prompt.  Due to the abundance of programs at Heller Nature Center it is difficult to extend program times for late arrivals.


Upon arrival, all schools are asked to check in at the front desk with the total number of students in attendance.  Payment is necessary at the time of the program or will be billed and given 30 days for payment.  Please note that no refunds are available for programs paid or overpaid in advance.  There is no fee for teachers and adult chaperones. 

Group Sizes and Fees

Program fees vary depending on program length and materials (See chart). There is a minimum charge of 15 students. Listed at the end of each program description are two, per-participant, fees. The first applies to Highland Park Schools; the second is for Out-of-District schools. There is no fee for teachers or adult chaperones. 

Program Pricing
Out of District
45 min
60 min
75 min
90 min
120-150 min

Custom Program

Are you learning about something unique that is not on our list? Our creative teachers can develop a curricula that mirrors what you have been learning in your classroom providing real world examples, hands on experimentation or natural discovery.  Call us and discuss what you’d like to see 847-433-6901


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