Lincoln Park Renovation Update

June 23, 2023

The Park District heard the neighborhood’s concerns over losing a 5-12 playground due to the sale of Lincoln School. As such, the Park District of Highland Park is going back to the drawing board to develop plans for Lincoln Park that consider the inclusion of a 5-12 play space. The comments and data collected through the survey will be integrated into the plans for the improved 2-5 playground. There will be other opportunities to get involved in design as the Park District proceeds with planning. While the Park District will continue with the planning effort, the addition of a 5-12 playground is not currently budgeted in the Park District’s capital plan.

This change of direction will impact improvements scheduled for 2023. The tot lot, repaving of the path, and the patch/color of the basketball court planned for 2023 will be deferred to a future year and incorporated into the new plan.

The Park District will continue to follow the School District’s plans to coordinate efforts.

Please direct questions and comments to [email protected].