Millard Bluff Restoration Begins

October 10, 2022

Restoration to the lake bluff at Millard Park has begun with the re-routing of park pathways by Parks crews. New connections will allow visitors to walk in the popular upper park at most times during this project. The first construction phase is anticipated to start in November and continue through the winter and early spring of 2023.

To create a healthier and more stable environment, there will be significant removal of trees not historically found on our lake bluffs. These can contribute to the erosion of the bluff face as they prevent soil-stabilizing plants from growing and tear up soil when they fall during storms.

Restoration will also include grading at the top of the bluff to eliminate current steep drop-offs to establish a more stable 2:1 slope. Grading will not occur in areas where historic trees are protected.

Some temporary paths will become permanent as an adaptive strategy to move walkways away from the bluff’s edge. Some paths close to the edge will now be closed and planted with appropriate native plants to provide a natural buffer to protect these vulnerable areas.

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