New Name for Our New Park: The Preserve of Highland Park

May 4, 2020

The Park District Board of Commissioners approved a new name for our new park–The Preserve of Highland Park.   Located behind the Recreation Center of Highland Park, the park was once the location of the Highland Park Country Club golf course.  Over the past year, the property was temporarily named Community Park until a new permanent name was decided.   

The Preserve of Highland Park was chosen following a several-month planning process that included a resident advisory committee and Park District staff.  The new name reflects the park’s role in the preservation of open space and habitat for our community.   

The Park District Board also approved necessary amendments to the Intergovernmental Agreement guiding conservation and development of the property between the Lake County Forest Preserve District and City of Highland Park.  This document was also approved, along with the Concept Master Plan, by the Lake County Forest Preserve District Board on March 2 and the City of Highland Park on April 6.

Find more information on the project, here.