Outdoor Rinks a Labor Of Love

November 7, 2019

Did you know that every winter, weather permitting, the Park District creates a skating area at Sunset Woods Park? Starting in November, Parks crew members construct the outer shell of what will become the hockey rink.  That process typically takes two to three days to complete. Then it is a waiting game for Mother Nature to deliver five consecutive days of below-freezing temperatures for the ground to become hard enough to begin creating the ice.

Crews spray water over the frozen ground 24 hours a day over five to six days to create the thick ice floor for the hockey rink and adjacent family skating rink. To ensure the ice rinks are safe and skater ready, crews inspect, spray, and groom the rinks daily. 

Building and maintaining our outdoor rinks is a labor of love for our Park District.  It supports our mission to provide Highland Park with healthy outdoor recreational opportunities all year long.   Ice skating has been shown to reduce stress and improves cardiovascular and muscular fitness for all ages.  And, skating outdoors, especially in the sunlight and fresh air, provides a boost from the winter blues.

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