Mon, July 15 at 8am – 

Due to the excessive rain:

  • Sunset Woods Park and Sunset Valley Golf Club are closed.
  • Portions of the paths at The Preserve of Highland Park and Larry Fink Park are flooded.
Park Avenue Daily Boat Launch Passes

Daily boat launch passes are available for power boats, sunfish sailboats, SUPs, and kayaks. Personal watercrafts are not eligible for daily launches this season. The daily pass includes parking and in and out privileges for the day.

NEW! Daily passes and parking can be purchased with ParkWhiz. Patrons will be prompted to choose standard (parking only with kayak/SUP) or supersized (launching with trailer). Click on the button below to purchase your daily launch & parking pass.

Daily Launch
with trailer
Parking Only

ParkWhiz FAQs

What requirements does my boat need?

All boats that launch must have their U.S. Coast Guard Safety Vessel Check.

How do I get a refund for my reservation?

  • All refunds must be processed through ParkWhiz. PDHP and its staff do not have the ability/access to process refunds. 
  • They must contact ParkWhiz Customer Service, which can be found in their email confirmation of their reservation.

How many times can I scan my QR Code?

The QR Code only allows for one (1) scan. If they leave the South Beach and exit through the lift gate, they cannot access it again.

When can guests start parking?

Guests may begin their reservation at 10:00 AM and must select a time, or no reservation options will not appear.

What type of launches are there?

  • Vehicle parking (SUP/Kayak only, no trailer)
  • Vehicle with trailer (Power Boats, PWC)

Where is the kiosk to scan your QR Code located?

The second kiosk at the end of Park Avenue is labeled “Daily Boaters with ParkWhiz Reservation.”

Where can guests park?

On the South Pad, east of the North Shore Yacht Club

Are there different rates on weekdays & weekends?

  • A vehicle with trailer ($50 weekdays, $65 weekends)
  • A vehicle with no trailer ($20 weekdays, $35 weekends)

What does my reservation include?

Daily parking on the South Pad & Boat/SUP/Kayak launch fee

Where can I purchase my ParkWhiz reservation?

  • Go to, then select “Daily Boat Launch Passes”→ Then select “Purchase Daily Parking with ParkWhiz.”
  • The second way to purchase your reservation is when you arrive at the Park Avenue Boating Facility; a sign with a QR code will take them to the ParkWhiz website. Then, they can type in “Park Avenue Beach.”
  • There is NO staff at PABF to sell daily launch passes

What is ParkWhiz?

ParkWhiz is the app/website that guests will be purchasing their daily launch & parking from.