Park Board Meeting Focuses on Park Avenue

December 13, 2019

At the December 12 Park Board Meeting, Executive Director Brian Romes discussed details of a meeting held on December 5 with the City of Highland Park and Park District staff, members of the Park Board, City Council, and the North Shore Yacht Club (NSYC) regarding the potential repair or replacement of the barge at Park Avenue. 

As a result of that meeting, the Park Board agreed to participate in a working group with members of the NSYC and assigned Commissioner Bernstein and Vice President Ruttenberg as the Board Liaisons. The working group will explore potential site improvements at Park Avenue. Lake Michigan is experiencing near record-high lake levels that are expected to continue rising in 2020. Additionally, storms with increased wave action have been occurring more frequently. These conditions have created challenges at all beachfront locations in Highland Park, as well as across all communities on the shores of Lake Michigan. High lake levels and increased storms put lakefront facilities and activities at risk. To assist with its planning efforts, the Park District will continue to work with the coastal engineering firm, SmithGroup. The working group will also explore potential improvements to the boating beach. 

The Park Board acknowledged the value Park Avenue Beach provides to Highland Park residents and will continue working with the City, NSYC, and the boating community on exploring options to preserve and improve this community asset.