Park Board Proclaims May 20-29 Highland Park Beach & Boating Safety Week

May 17, 2023

To remind residents of the importance of staying safe at our beaches and while boating this summer, the Park Board has proclaimed May 20-29 as Highland Park Beach and Boating Safety Week.

The proclamations coincide and support the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) National Beach Safety Week and the U.S. Coast Guard’s National Safe Boating Week. The Park Board urges all residents using our beaches to enjoy themselves at the beach this year while taking appropriate measures to protect themselves and their children.

Additionally, as boating continues to be a popular recreational activity, the Park Board is bringing attention to critical life-saving tips for recreational boaters so that they can have a safer, more fun experience out on the water throughout the year.

Park District of Highland Park
Beach and Boating Safety Week Proclamation

WHEREAS, the beautiful Lake Michigan waters and public beaches of Highland Park, Illinois represent valued recreational resources; and,

WHEREAS, Highland Park residents and visitors alike are drawn to our boating and beach facilities each year; and,

WHEREAS, drowning is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. and the world; most people who drown are good swimmers; and the aquatic environment has dangers to swimmers, particularly rip currents, that can be effectively managed through public awareness and the vigilance of professional lifeguards; and,

WHEREAS, on average, 600 people die each year in boating-related accidents in the U.S.; 79 percent of these are fatalities caused by drowning; and most of these accidents are caused by human error or poor judgment and not by the boat, equipment, or environmental factors; and a significant number of boaters who lose their lives by drowning each year would be alive today had they worn their life jackets.

WHEREAS, for reasons of public safety, an annual reminder of the joys and hazards associated with the aquatic environment are appropriate at the commencement of the busy summer beach season; and,

WHEREAS, Highland Park residents and visitors alike must remember: Only Swim in Designated Swimming Areas; Learn to Swim, Swim Near a Lifeguard, Swim with a Buddy, Check with the Lifeguards, Use Sunscreen and Drink Water, Obey Posted Signs, Keep the Beach and Water Clean, Learn Rip Current Safety, Enter Water Feet First, and Wear a Life Jacket when Boating.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Park Board of Commissioners by virtue of the authority vested in us for the Park District of Highland Park do hereby support the goals of the Safe Boating and Beach Safety Campaigns and proclaim May 20-29, 2023, as Beach and Boating Safety Week in Highland Park.

We urge all residents using our waters and beaches to enjoy themselves this year, while taking appropriate measures to protect themselves and their children.

Learn-to-Swim Lessons at the Rec Center

Practicing and building strong swimming skills are the best ways to stay safe in the water! Lessons begin June 5.

  • Parent & Child Water Readiness (Ages 6 months-3 years)
  • Paddlers (Ages 3-6)
  • Little Swimmers (Ages 6-15)
  • Junior Swim (Ages 6-15)
  • Stroke Development (Ages 6-15)