Park Board Special Meeting Focused on Community and Mission

September 20, 2019

At a Special Meeting on September 19, the Park Board of Commissioners began the process to review and refresh the Park District’s GreenPrint 2024 ten-year master plan. The meeting was dedicated to idea sharing and review of the Park District’s mission, vision, and values in response to the recent community-wide Interest and Attitude Survey. The outcome of this meeting will set the stage for future planning meetings that will take place over the next several months. 

Results of the Interest and Attitude Survey were presented at the August 6 Park Board Meeting. Community feedback is integral to the Park District’s planning processes to ensure we continually fulfill our mission “To enrich community life through healthy leisure pursuits and an appreciation of the natural world.” 

This year marks the completion of the third year of the GreenPrint 2024 master plan. A periodic review of the plan is intended as part of its implementation by the Park Board of Commissioners.