Park District Announces New Indoor Pickleball and Padel Facility

May 6, 2024

The Park District of Highland Park is thrilled to announce plans for a new indoor sports facility dedicated exclusively to pickleball and padel on Skokie Valley Road.

The existing site for the new facility is a collaboration between the Park District of Highland Park and City of Highland Park, in which the city owns the land, and the Park District manages all operations at the site through a 99-year Lease Agreement.    An existing air supported dome owned by a third-party (Grantee) is permitted to rent space for indoor recreation uses such as soccer, lacrosse, and other similar sports consistent with the terms of a Concession and Site Agreement.  With anticipation of the Agreement expiring in April 2024, the Park District released a request for proposals for a new long-term agreement that would meet the needs of the community.

Although the Park District did not receive a proposal from the current Grantee, a promising proposal submitted by the Saslow Family included a generous donation dedicated for the construction of a new pickleball and padel facility.  In December 2023 the Park Board approved a Donor Agreement with the Saslow Family, which was recently followed with approval to purchase a new air supported dome and begin design for a state-of-the-art facility tailored for these rapidly growing sports. The new facility plan features 10 pickleball courts, 4 padel courts, café, pro shop, and restrooms.

 “As we begin planning for this outstanding indoor facility, I am filled with immense pride and excitement for the future of pickleball and padel in Highland Park,” said Ron Saslow. “This project embodies a commitment to fostering an active and connected community. I can’t wait to see our residents come together, engaging in these dynamic sports throughout the year, regardless of the weather.”

The project is estimated to cost approximately $4.2 million, including the purchase and installation of the dome, along with the construction of the courts and additional amenities. A considerable portion of the funding comes from the Saslow family’s generous donation, with further financial support being sought through the Parks Foundation of Highland Park.

Nick Baird, Director of Recreation at the Park District, highlighted the alignment of this project with broader community objectives. “Converting the old structure into a vibrant, year-round facility aligns with our goals for the site, and expands our recreational offerings in the community,” Baird noted. The Park District is actively working to relocate the few existing sports programs that currently use the old dome.

Brian Romes, Executive Director of the Park District, also commented on the community’s demand for indoor courts. “We consistently hear from our community members about the need for indoor pickleball courts. With this new facility, we’re responding to that demand and enhancing our recreational landscape,” Romes said.

The Park District aims to open the new paddle facility in the winter of 2024-2025, with plans to finalize the purchase of the dome soon and complete installation by the end of 2024. Community members and businesses interested in contributing to the project can find more details and sponsorship opportunities on the Parks Foundation website at