Parks in Mind: The Boost From Being Outside

May 23, 2024

In our second installment of Parks in Mind, a video series in collaboration with Endeavor Health that explores mental health and recreation, Dr. Fazio and Kyle answer the following questions:

Meet Our Mental Health Professionals

Lindsay T. Fazio, PhD is the System Director of Wellbeing & Vitality for Endeavor Health. Her role is to develop and drive the strategic plan to bring wellbeing to each and every team member no matter their role or responsibility within the organization.

She received her B.S. in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and her Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Indiana State University. She completed her residency in medical psychology at St. James Hospital and Health Centers. Dr. Fazio’s passion is promoting wellness began 20 years ago teaching physicians and physicians-in-training. She works with departments and health systems nationally to monitor burnout provide a programatic series of strengths-based interventions to promote resiliency and engagement across all members of the healthcare team.

Kyle Kovski, LCSW is dedicated to supporting the emotional wellbeing of individuals within Endeavor Health. His dual role as the Wellbeing Support Advisor and System R.I.S.E. Clinical Coordinator showcases his commitment to fostering resilience and creating a supportive culture within the organization.

With his educational background in Social Work, Kyle brings a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and mental health to his role. His clinical experience across different age groups and symptomatology provides him with a nuanced perspective on addressing the diverse needs of individuals. Kyle’s focus on supporting medical professionals is especially impactful, given his firsthand experience in Family Medicine Residency programs support Behavioral Health Education. He recognizes the unique challenges individuals are faced with daily and advocates for the importance of stress management and resilience techniques in mitigating the impact of trauma.

By drawing from his expertise in trauma and emphasizing the importance of holistic wellbeing, Kyle empowers individuals to navigate challenges effectively. His efforts not only benefit the individuals he directly supports but also contribute to creating a culture of support and resilience within Endeavor Health.

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