Mighty Oaks | ParkSchool


Location: West Ridge Center

The focus is on active involvement and group collaboration. Our goal is to promote individualized opportunities to evoke creative and advanced critical thinking. Your child is exposed to amazing experiences including erupting volcanos, icky sticky slime, and larger than life engineering. These experiences empower children to ask questions about the world around them and the unlimited possibilities, preparing them for their next step, Kindergarten! Min/Max: 5/12. In our four-year-old program children can participate in the morning (West Ridge Center) and afternoon (Nature) programs.

Celebrate your Mighty Oak’s accomplishments at ParkSchool graduation hosted at the end of the year. More details to come.


August 29-May 22 (2023)

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Mighty Oaks | Nature Programs

Location: Heller Nature Center and Rosewood Beach

ParkSchool Nature programs can be taken as stand alone programs or combined with our morning ParkSchool West Ridge programs.

Please NOTE: No programming on 9/5,9/26,10/5,11/24-25, 12/22-1/9,3/27-3/31,4/7

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