PDHP NCAA Grades 3-4 Basketball Champions

February 26, 2020

On Saturday February 22, the third ranked Syracuse Orange Man (8-3 overall record)  defeated  number one ranked Michigan (9-1 overall record)  to win the NCAA Boys Grades 3-4 Championship. The final score was 24-19.  The Syracuse team is coached by Richard Goldberg
and Tyler Kraines.

Other winning teams in the league are:
3rd Place Winner: #2 Ohio State (7-4)  winning against  #4 Notre Dame (5-6) 29-17
5th Place Winner: #7 Wake Forest (3-7)  winning against #5 Indiana (3-7)  30-27

Syracuse Team Photo:

First row (left to right):  Asher Goldberg, Reese Luczkowiak, Chase Horwitch, Gavin Felsenthal, Jace Marrone
Second row (left to right): Phineas Lewis, Max Rothbart, Mason Seiffer
Third row (left to right): Coach Richard Goldberg, Coach Tyler Kraines