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Larry Fink Memorial Park Baseball Field Improvements

Are any trees going to be removed?

No trees will be removed as part of this project.

Aside from the synthetic turf, what other drainage improvements are being made?

The synthetic turf field will drain to a naturalized area just beyond the right-field foul line. The design may also include expanding the existing naturalized area and enhancing the plantings to better manage any additional stormwater.  To impact the existing field as little as possible we have not added additional drainage improvements.

How large is the planned turf field?

The renovation will include approximately ½ acre of synthetic turf.

How long will the new field last?

Synthetic turf has a lifespan of about 10 years.

Why synthetic turf?

Synthetic turf will help to ensure the diamond fields remain playable after storms, as flooding contributes to hundreds of hours of lost play annually and the Park District’s baseball program continues to grow. Synthetic turf fields drain quickly, maintain a consistent playing surface, are less impacted by cold weather, and require less manpower to maintain.

Will lighting be added?

Lighting will not be added at this time. The existing field lighting will remain.

Will this project be complete before baseball season?

The goal is to complete construction by the end of June 2024. Depending on the growing season needed to repair the grass once the turf is replaced, the field may or may not be used for part of the 2024 baseball season.