Lincoln Park Renovation

Are any trees going to be removed?

Some trees may be removed as part of this project, to expand the playground footprint.

Does the project include landscaping?

Yes, the project will include the addition of two native planting areas.

Is the playground fence going to be replaced?

Yes, the updated playground will include a new fence.

What improvements will be made to the soccer and baseball fields?

  • Drainage improvements will be made to the soccer and baseball fields.
  • The backstops and seating will be replaced on both diamond fields.

What is the proposed playground surfacing for the new playground?

The plan proposes to use poured-in-place rubber safety surface, often referred to as the soft surface.

What path improvements will be made?

The entire path will be repaved.

Two sidewalk connections will be added to the path on the West side of the park (connection to sidewalk along Green Bay Road)

The existing path will be reoriented near the playground to accommodate the new playground footprint.

When will the playground be closed?

The construction is targeted to begin in July 2025. The project schedule is subject to change. Any changes to the schedule will be posted on the website.

Will the restroom building be renovated as part of this project?

No, the restroom building will not be renovated as part of this project.

The only change to the restroom building will be the addition of a wall-mounted drinking fountain on the South side of the building.

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