Lincoln Park Renovation

Are any trees going to be removed?

Some trees may be removed as part of this project.

There is an opportunity to grow the tot lot’s footprint by removing a row of trees screening the playground that are just outside the playground’s fence. Whether or not these trees are removed will be determined by the community’s interest in a slight extension to the tot lot and the value of the screen of trees.  

Does the project include landscaping?

Yes, the project will include a landscape plan for the area surrounding the playground.

How long will the basketball court recoloring take?

This process usually takes about two days.

Is the playground fence going to be replaced?

Yes, the updated playground will include a new fence.

What is the proposed playground surfacing for the new playground?

The plan proposes to use pour-in-place rubber safety surface, often referred to as the soft surface.

When will the playground be closed?

The playground construction is targeted to begin in the fall. The project schedule is subject to change. Any changes to the schedule will be posted on the website.

Will the new 2-5 playground footprint grow?

The District is considering two options to gain additional play area and is interested in the communities feedback.

One option will keep the fence line as is and remove the brick paver path and landscaping within the fence. Removing this path would extend the playground slightly, while staying within the same fence line you see at the park today.

The second option would further extend the playground area by removing the row of Arborvitae trees that directly surrounds the fence. In this option the District would also remove the interior path.

In both options, the playground area would expand slightly. Both options are only able to accommodate a tot lot playground.

Will the park be closed when the pathways are being resurfaced?

No, the pathways will be closed for access, but the park will be open to visitors.