Port Clinton Playground Renovation

Are any trees going to be removed?

Two diseased trees will be removed as part of this project.

Are the raccoon swings going to be removed from the tot lot?

No, the racoon swings will remain. The post will be reused, and the swing seats will be replaced.

What is the proposed playground surfacing for the new 2-5 playground?

The 2-5 playground will have pour-in-place rubber surfacing. The woodchip surfacing at the 5-12 playground will also be replaced with new woodchips. In addition, concrete curbs will be added around both playgrounds.  

When will the playground be closed?

The playground will be closed beginning in August of 2024 until November 2024.

Why is the basketball court being renovated?

The basketball court is scheduled to be repaved this year, and the Park District is taking the opportunity to reorient the basketball court. The basketball hoop will be shifted to the East side to improve playing experience. The Park District explored relocating the basketball court, but due to the ravine and topography of the park the District  determined that the court is currently in the most suitable location.

Why is the game table being removed?

The Park District understands that the game table is underutilized. The game table will be removed and replaced with seating..

Why is the path being replaced?

The park pathway was scheduled for repaving this year and the Park District saw this as an opportunity to improve the path layout. The new path will loop around the park to improve circulation.

Why isn’t the 5-12 playground being replaced?

After careful evaluation of the 5-12 playground, the Park District identified that the playground equipment is in good condition and not in need of replacement.  Though, as part of this project, certain elements of the 5-12 playground will be replaced to extend the useful life of the playground and to improve the user experience. Updates to the 5-12 playground include: replacement of the steppers/ground play feature with a new climber, replacement of the woodchip surfacing, the addition of concrete curbing and the replacement of the play panels on the playground structure.

Will the backstop be replaced?

The backstop is being removed because it  has reached it’s useful life and was damaged in a storm last year.  At this point, the District does not intend to replace the backstop because of limited use in its current location.

Will there still be sand play?

No, the sand play element will be removed as part of this renovation. Despite the diggers being a favorite element, feedback indicated support for removing sand play.