See A New World Through Art

October 20, 2023

In our art classes at the Park District, we’ll teach you what to look at, how to look at it, and how to draw it!

Most people who really would love to draw and paint have never taken a class because they just don’t think they have any talent. Well, drawing is a skill. It can be taught. We can teach you to draw, and you’ll have a great time doing it.

How do we know? We do it every day, for artists of all ages at all levels. Can you see shapes? Great! That’s where all art begins. Circles, squares, triangles, ellipses. On one level it’s quite simple, and when you learn to see, and learn to make the shapes you’re seeing, your confidence grows exponentially. Join one of our classes and beyond the joy of creating you’ll also get some extra benefits.

More hand-eye-brain coordination. That’s important at every age, along with developing and maintaining fine motor skills, but seniors may find it especially important to keep their hands, eyes, and brain working together in harmony.

Actual benefits to your brain. While you draw, your brain builds new connections and pathways. The left side is responsible for logical thinking and the right side is where your creativity comes from. Since both sides are active, the brain grows. Query: If you draw the brain does your brain grow even more?

Concentration. Drawing requires that you focus on the subject and concentrate on the marks you’re making. You must be present. In the moment. Doing that for an extended period of time, like a class, can train your brain to do that at other, perhaps more important times. It’s so much better for you than scrolling endlessly, and when you’re done concentrating on your drawing you just might have a beautiful piece of art that you can be proud of for years to come. Wouldn’t that be lovely!

A better mental attitude. Many people feel more at ease while they are drawing. Certainly, Vincent did. Drawing is a well-known therapy tool for stress relief. It can feel like meditation. When you feel productive, you more often just feel good about yourself. We know we do.

You might just develop an artist’s “eye.” Drawing can help you see proportions and the relationships between objects. It can help you be a better judge of measurements and distances. Things you can apply to other areas of your life. Drawing can be so much more than marks on paper, once you learn to see.

Did we mention how much fun it is? If nothing else we’ve said has moved you (or made your brain light up), think about taking an art class with a friend. Sharing your new skills and enjoying each other’s sketches is one of the great joys you’ll experience. We guarantee it!