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Due to the excessive rain, portions of the paths at The Preserve, Larry Fink and Danny Cunniff Parks are flooded.

September 2022: Park Board Meeting Briefs

October 6, 2022

Updates from the September Park Board Meetings

September 14: Workshop Meeting of the Park Board

The Park Board of Commissioners approved Ordinance 2022-05: Authorizing and Providing for the Conveyance or Sale of Surplus Personal Property and the First Amendment to the Centennial Ice Arena Locker Room License Agreement.

Staff provided construction updates for the Park Avenue Breakwater and Boat Ramp project, the Moraine Path Improvement project, the Centennial Ice Arena Renovation and Site Improvements project, the Millard Bluff Grading and Tree Removal project, the Fink Park Athletic Field Development project, and the Old Elm Trail Connection Feasibility Study.

Staff recommended elements from the approved Sunset Woods Master Plan for the Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) grant program administered by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The competitive grant program provides up to 50% funding support to develop public outdoor recreation areas. This year $56M is available through the grant program, and the maximum individual award is $600,000. The application is due on September 30, 2022.

The Park District is working with a third-party consultant GovHRUSA to conduct an employee Compensation and Classification Study to attract and retain a productive workforce. Simultaneously, the Park District is redefining our Values to create a clear focus on what drives day-to-day decision-making, inspires leadership, and holds our organization, teams, and individuals accountable. The desired outcome of redefining Park District Values is a relentless focus on values-driven leadership, values-driven culture, and values-driven strategic initiatives that are simple, compelling, and aligned with our Mission (why we exist) and our Vision (what we aspire to do).

Lastly, staff reviewed the 2023 Proposed Budget Timeline.

September 28: Regular Meeting of the Park Board

The Park Board of Commissioners approved the Athletic Fields Capital Campaign Project Change Order Agreement for the Non-Profit Coach consulting services, the base bid proposal, and alternates 1 and 2 from RES Environmental Operating Company, LLC in the amount of $319,300 for the 2022-2023 Millard Bluff Grading and Tree Removal project, and the OSLAD Grant Resolution Authorization, allowing the Park District of Highland Park to apply for funding assistance to implement the Sunset Woods Master Plan.

Staff provided an update on pickleball operations and recommendations to expand outdoor opportunities.

September 29: Policy Committee Meeting

The Policy Committee conducted an exercise to root the proposed redefined values into the District’s operational framework.