September 2023: Park Board Meeting Briefs

October 10, 2023

Updates from the September Park Board Meetings

September 13: Workshop Meeting of the Park Board

Staff provided construction updates for the Sunset Woods Park OSLAD grant project, Larry Fink Memorial Park Baseball Field Improvements project, Hidden Creek AquaPark Deck Replacement and Shade Structures project, Park Avenue Break Water and Boat Ramp project, Park Avenue North Beach project, Centennial Ice Arena Facility, Locker Rooms, and Site Renovations, Recreation Center of Highland Park Dehumidification Replacement project, and the New Community Center at West Ridge Park.

Staff reviewed the construction management services agreement from W.B. Olsen for the new community center at West Ridge Park.

Staff provided an update on the request for proposals (RFP) for the 2023 Agreement for Recreational Services of an Enterprise Facility at 2205 Skokie Valley Road.

September 19: Finance Committee Meeting

It was the consensus of the Finance Committee to place the following capital vehicle purchases and bid awards on the consent agenda at the September 27, 2023 Regular Board Meeting: two (2) capital replacement dump trucks, three (3) capital replacement pickup trucks, the 2023 District-wide sign installation project bid, the 2023 District-wide fall tree removals project bid, and the 2023 Cunniff Park maintenance building restroom improvements project bid.

Staff provided a 2023 financial analysis report of Centennial Ice Arena, comparing year-to-date budgeted vs. actual revenues and expenses for programs and rentals.  

Staff reviewed the Capital Plan Ten-Year Funding Model and the 2024 Budget Timeline.

Staff provided a five-year financial analysis report on employee salaries, insurance, Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA), and Illinois Mutual Retirement Fund (IMRF) costs to the District.

September 27: Decennial Committee Meeting of the Park Board

Staff provided an overview of the committee’s purpose, requirements, and member roles.

Staff reviewed the benefits of having a park district as a distinct unit of government and separate taxing body.

Staff reviewed the community benefits of having shared services and partnership agreements with sporting groups, sponsor organizations, non-profits, and governmental agencies.

Staff reviewed examples of efficient operations and the benefits those have on the Highland Park Community.  

September 27: Regular Meeting of the Park Board

The Park Board of Commissioners approved the purchase of two (2) Capital Replacement Dump Trucks, the purchase of Three (3) Capital Replacement Pickup Trucks, the 2023 District-Wide Sign Installation Project bid, the 2023 District-Wide Fall Tree Removals Project bid, the 2023 Cunniff Park Maintenance Building Restroom Improvements Project bid, Ordinance #2023-07: Authorizing and Providing for the Conveyance or Sale of Surplus Personal Property, and AIA Document A133-2019 Standard Form of Agreement for Construction Management Services For the New Community Center at West Ridge Park.

Staff reviewed the RFQ submittals for the Sunset Woods Improvement Design Service and received consensus from the Park Board of Commissioners to proceed with negotiating a fee with the top-ranked firm, Lamar Johnson.

Staff reviewed the RFP submittals for the Recreational Services of an Enterprise Facility at 2205 Skokie Valley Road.

Staff presented the 2024 Budget Timeline.

Staff presented the 2023 End of Season Summer Camp Report.