Summer Camp Registration Tips & Tricks

December 2, 2022

Summer camp is one of the highlights of childhood.  But, for parents, the whole registration process can be stressful and frustrating.  To help make the registration process a breeze, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks. 

New for 2023 Summer Camp

Our 2023 Summer Camps will be available for you to view directly on this website beginning  Fri., Dec 2.

Resident registration begins at 7 am,  Wed., Dec. 7,  giving you time to peruse the camps and coordinate your family schedule.   

Door-to-door bus service is available for Highland Park residents signed up for Crew Camp, providing convenience for you and the highest quality camp experience for your children. Make sure to select the “with bus” option when registering.

Update Your Account Information Before Registration Day

Several days before registration day, make sure you’re able to log in to your household account at

Once you log into your account:

Camp Age Requirements 

Check the age requirements for the summer camp before you add it to your Wishlist or before you register. 

Select the age-appropriate camp that interests your child based on the grade they will be entering in September 2023.

Your Online Wishlist

The best way to de-stress the first day of camp registration is to add your summer camp selections to your Wishlist in advance.  You will be able to “Wishlist” camps starting on Wed., Dec 3.  Log in to your account at

  1. When you find the age-appropriate camp you’re interested in, click the star icon to add the camp to your Wishlist.
  2. On registration day, click the Wishlist link at the top of your screen to view the items you’ve tagged and add them to your cart once registration has opened.

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