Mon, July 15 at 8am – 

Due to the excessive rain:

  • Sunset Woods Park and Sunset Valley Golf Club are closed.
  • Portions of the paths at The Preserve of Highland Park and Larry Fink Park are flooded.
Summer Sports Camp: Game On…Screens Off!

April 24, 2023

“Camp was not just a way to pass the summer break, but a vital part of who we became.” Michael Eisner, former CEO of The Walt Disney Company, talking about how he and his business colleagues look back on their summer camp experiences.

The wonderful summer sports camps run by the park district offer your child seven weeks of fun and games, running around outdoors with their friends.

And that used to be enough.

Now, the experienced coaches, counselors, and student-athletes who teach the fundamentals of a wide range of sports—including baseball, basketball, golf, and soccer—provide campers with much more than a respite from school and a glimpse of glory as “the boys & girls of summer.” We’ll get to the extras after this short break to tell you what happens each week.

Jr. Varsity Sports Camp, for everyone in grades 1–4

While all of that fun is happening, kids are learning some mighty important life skills, from caring adults they trust—their coaches and counselors:

Troy Hoffmann, Athletic Supervisor at the Park District, said “These are things that help shape kids into good people, and we emphasize them every day. Happily, none of them require looking at a screen!”

Varsity Sports Camp, for everyone in grades 5–8

While the Varsity Sports Camp is great fun for everyone, if your young sports enthusiast is a girl in grades 3–6, take a look at our Girls Play Strong camp. It’s filled with special features designed specifically for them.

We’re looking forward to seeing your child this summer!