Tennis: Team Sport or Individual Competition

May 11, 2023

An American tourist in London asked the hotel clerk “How do I get to Wimbledon?” The clerk smiled and said “Practice, sir. Practice.”

Is tennis a team sport? Sometimes. If your child plays doubles, they have a teammate. But if they play singles, their opponent is certainly NOT on their team! Do they make friends playing tennis? Of course! But to win at this competitive sport, players have to bring their best game. That means being physically and mentally prepared every time they step on the court. And that… takes practice. Lots and lots of practice. (The clerk was right about that.)

This summer, at the Deer Creek Racquet Club Tennis Academy, your child can spend several exciting weeks learning, practicing, and loving tennis. Is your young player a beginner? We make sure you know exactly the right size racket to get them. And then we give them enough time to learn how to grip it properly and swing correctly so they have the best approach. We teach the fundamentals. Do they balk at learning rules? They can’t play without them. (Oh, they can TRY to play without them, but won’t play well. And that’s no fun.) Are they an Intermediate player? Great! Our experienced instructors have plenty of exciting shots to teach, and loads of overall game techniques that intermediate players are ready for—and just can’t wait to try. Advanced? Other campers are always happy to get on the court with a good player—so they can volley till their arms fall off. (Now THAT’S fun!)

In addition to connecting your child with lifelong friends and tennis partners, this is a fun game that provides players with some series health benefits.



All of that comes together in a terrific Tennis Camp package at the Deer Creek Racquet Club. Get your child in the game and sign up for a summer of fun today. We’ll see them on the court!