The Perfect Summer Gig for Teens

January 13, 2023

If you are a parent of a teenager, now is an excellent time for both you and your teen to start thinking about how to make the most out of summer. A summer job is a great hands-on experience for teens to learn about responsibility, time management, teamwork, expectations associated with being a valued worker, money management, and more. 

There is no better summer job for a teen than working at the Park District of Highland Park. Whether it’s applying to be a lifeguard or camp counselor, your teens can build strong job skills, enhance their ability to focus, work together as a team with other teens, build confidence, and set a solid foundation for a strong resume for the future.


Focus is a critical part of the job. Lifeguards must be able to block out all distractions and prioritize their focus on the people and the area they are guarding. And camp counselors need to take responsibility for the well-being of children. Teens learn to dedicate themselves to their tasks which can translate to their work ethic while studying in school or doing extracurricular activities.


Our camp counselors and lifeguards learn to work as a team. To ensure our patrons’ safety, our staff executes all policies as a team. Teens experience the importance of working together in a challenging environment. They learn how to be given responsibility and how to take responsible action.


Building a teen’s confidence through a responsible job is an excellent foundation for the transitions they will have to make in the future, such as going to college and starting a first full-time job.

Resume Builder

Parents count on lifeguards and camp counselors for the safety of their children. College and business recruiters look closely at applicants who have proven themselves in such a serious environment.  In addition to critical first aid and safety skills, lifeguards also need to be responsible, quick thinkers, mature, have good customer service & communication skills, and have great concentration.  These are all important and transferable leadership skills that are valuable for college admission and landing a full-time job in their chosen career.