Park Ave
Boating Facility
8 Park Avenue (the Park Avenue Barge is Closed to the Public)

Park Avenue Boating Facility provides value to its users, including sailors, paddleboarders, fishermen, powerboaters, and leisure visitors.

Portions of Park Avenue are owned by both the Park District and the City of Highland Park.  The Park District owns the northernmost property, including the boat storage and beach.  Like all the parks and natural areas managed by the Park District, this property is subsidized through taxation because it protects and conserves open space and promotes physical and mental well-being of our residents.  Visiting Park Avenue by bike or by foot, or even taking advantage of the small parking area to the north, are benefits offered to all Highland Park residents.  

The property to the south is owned by the City of Highland Park, which includes the road, parking spaces, and land where the south storage pad, yacht club building, and concrete boat launch are located.  The site is also home to the Highland Park Water Treatment Plant, which provides safe drinking water to Highland Park and surrounding communities.   The barge, owned by the Park District, is located adjacent to the south property.  

The Park Avenue Boating Facility features a concrete ramp, sand launching ramp, two parking lots, three boat storage areas, and is home to the North Shore Yacht Club. The facility’s north storage area accommodates boats up to 25’, power boats, sailboats, and personal water crafts. The south storage area accommodates sailboats up to 18′. Additional space is available for sail/mast storage as well as rack/cable storage for kayaks and sunfish.

Boaters must have a season pass for entry and follow strict guidelines. Parking at the Park Avenue Boating Facility is restricted only to boaters and patrons who have purchased a parking decal (see below). Please contact Debbie Pierce at with questions on purchasing storage and launch passes.

Swimming is not permitted at any beach at Park Avenue. Lakefront swimming is allowed at Rosewood Beach.

Vehicular Traffic

Two-way Traffic at Park Avenue Boating Facility

Parking and Traffic Assistance

Vessel Safety Checks

The Coast Guard Auxiliary flotilla is providing free safety checks for Park Avenue boaters. There are new important federal regulations relating to safety equipment that will be reviewed during the safety checks.  Please contact Donna Feldman at 847.597.8125 to schedule your vessel safety check.   

Boaters may also schedule safety checks at their residences.  To schedule an appointment at your residence, email

If you have any questions about the Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla vessel examination program, please feel free to contact:

Marc H. Pullman at (312) 933-1740

Flotilla Commander, 95-39-06
SO-VE, Division 39, 9WR
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

All USCG Vessel Safety Checklists must be received prior to launching motorized vessels. You can also click here to schedule a Vessel Safety Check.

Rentals & Parties

The clubhouse is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, is open to the general public for rentals and is the ideal venue for your celebration, birthday party, rehearsal dinner, graduation party or your corporate outing.