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The Recreation Center houses two high school regulation-sized basketball courts. Shoot around with the family, or pick up a game with friends during any of our open gym times.

NEW! Starting, Monday, February 6, anyone participating in Open Gym must have an Annual Waiver on file linked to a park district account. You may complete a waiver at the Recreation Center front desk or online.

  • Members and non-members are welcome!
  • All participants must check-in at the first floor front desk.
  • Children under the age of 10 must have a parent or guardian in the building while using open gym.
  • To participate, a valid driver’s license, school ID, and/or valid identification must be presented at the front desk and all players must sign in. 
  • The Recreation Center of Highland Park reserves the right to cancel and/or change open gym times without notice.
  • A Recreation Center staff member has the right to revoke an individual’s open gym participation for misconduct.
  • No private training is allowed during open gym times.
Open Gym
Single Visit


The Open Gym Schedule is subject to change on a daily basis. Schedules are updated daily so please be sure to check this page and/or call before visiting.

DateCourt 1Court 2
Saturday, June 87-8:15am, 9:30am-5:45pm7am-1:45pm, 3-5:45pm
Sunday, June 97-8:45am, 10am-5:45pm2:30-5:45pm
Monday, June 105:30-9:15am, 10:30am-8:45pm5:30-6:45am, 3:30-7:45pm
Tuesday, June 115:30-9:15am, 10:30am-8:45pm5:30-8:45am, 3:30-8:45pm
Wednesday, June 125:30-9:15am, 10:30am-8:45pm5:30-6:45am 3:30-7:45pm
Thursday, June 135:30-9:15am, 3:15-7:45pm7:30-8:45am, 3:30-7:15pm
Friday, June 145:30-9:15am, 10:30am-7:45pm5:30-6:45am, 3:30-7:45pm
Saturday, June 157-8:15am, 9:30am-5:45pm7am-10:45am, 2:30-5:45pm
Sunday, June 167-8:45am, 10am-5:45pm2:30-5:45pm
Monday, June 175:30-9:15am, 10:30am-8:45pm5:30-6:45am, 3:30-7:45pm


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