The Park Ave Boating Facility Breakwater & Boat Ramp is Officially Open!

July 21, 2023

This week we celebrated the grand re-opening of the Park Avenue Boating Facility Breakwater and Boat Ramp. The event took place on Wednesday, July 19. Over 120 guests gathered for event; among those in attendance were Illinois State Representative of the 58th District, Bob Morgan; City Council members, members of the Park District of Highland Park Board of Commissioners, Parks Foundation of Highland Park Board members, Park Avenue Breakwater & Boat Ramp Fundraising Committee Members, and members of the Park Avenue Working Group.

The rejuvenated Boating Facility continues its legacy as a place where residents can come to restore their minds, bodies, and spirits through boating, fishing, social activities, walking, or simply sitting to enjoy the stunning views of Lake Michigan for generations to come. If you haven’t visited the new breakwater – you are in for a treat!

About the Project

In April 2022, the Park Board approved the construction of the Park Avenue Breakwater Project.  Funding included $2,000,000 from the Park District’s capital fund, $200,000 from a Boat Access Area Development Grant through IDNR, and $455,000 from the Park Avenue Fundraising Committee of the Parks Foundation of Highland Park, made possible from community donations. Construction began in Fall of 2022.