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Financial Information

To deliver quality programs, parks, facilities and services for today and for the future, the  Park District of Highland Park has set a precedent of fiscal responsibility.  This is evidenced in part by the Aaa bond rating given each year by Moody’s Investor Service since 2006.  In addition, since 1990, the District has consistently been awarded the Government Finance Officers Association’s Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting for its comprehensive annual financial report.

While the District continues to develop alternative non-tax revenue sources, such as grants, donations and sponsorships, it still relies on taxpayer support: property taxes  comprise about 52% of District revenue.  Through careful planning and program development, along with fiscal responsibility, the Park District will continue to provide quality parks and facilities, while it addresses the future needs of the community.

Budget questions can be directed to Brian Romes, the Executive Director, Park District of Highland Park  at or 847-847-579-3119

For more information about the Park District budget, financial reports and other financial documents, please click the links below. (Some are very large files, so they make take a few moments to open).

IMRF (Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
Employer Cost & Participation Information

2021 Budget

2020 Annual Report
2020 Budget
2020 CAFR
2020 Treasurer’s Report

2019 Annual Report 
2019 Budget
2019 Supplemental Budget and Appropriation Ordinance
2019 Treasurer’s Report
2019 CAFR

2018 Annual Report
2018 Budget
2018 CAFR
2018 Treasurer’s Report
2018 Prevailing Wage Ordinance

2017 Annual Report
2017 Final Proposed Budget
2017 CAFR
2017 Treasurer’s Report
2017 Prevailing Wage Ordinance

2016 Annual Report
2016 CAFR
2016 Treasurer’s Report
2016 Budget
2016 Prevailing Wage Ordinance

2015 Annual Report
2015 CAFR
2015 Treasurer’s Report
2015 Budget
2015 Prevailing Wage Ordinance
2015 Supplemental Budget and Appropriation Ordinance
5 year Capital Plan (2015-2021)

2014 Annual Report
2014 Budget (9 month)
March 31, 2014 CAFR
2014 Prevailing Wage Ordinance
2014 Treasurer’s Report
December 31, 2014 – 9 Month CAFR
2014 – 9 Month Treasurer’s Report

2013 Budget
2013 CAFR

2012 Budget

PA-97-0609 Compliance

The Park District of Highland Park values its employees and the contribution they make to the community and understands the importance of retaining quality employees in meeting the recreational needs of the community.

As required by PA-97-0609 a list of employees expected to receive compensation greater than $150,000 is available six days prior to approval of its annual budget. Within 6 business days after approving the annual budget, the Park District is required to make available a list of all employees that are expected to receive compensation of greater than $75,000. Compensation includes salary, health insurance, a housing allowance, a vehicle allowance, a clothing allowance, bonuses, loans, vacation days granted, and sick days granted.

The compensation information detailed above can be found at the Park District of Highland Park Administrative Offices located at 636 Ridge Road Highland Park, IL 60035 or by emailing the Executive Director, Brian Romes at to request an electronic copy.