The Latest in Fitness Trends

September 14, 2022

What’s in, what’s out, what’s right for you.

Before we start, let’s get one thing straight: we’re talking trends here, not fads.

At the Recreation Center of Highland Park Fitness Club, we’re always researching, learning, and implementing the best of the current health & fitness trends, so you can work out efficiently and get the results you want. Starting in 2020, through 2021, and into 2022, we offered a wide range of unprecedented programs that kept you moving, breathing, stretching, and getting stronger. Smaller classes. Outdoor classes. Hybrid classes. Online classes. All designed and run by our expert instructors, with changes and updates to keep the workouts interesting, and keep you motivated.

After a full summer of family activities, this fall is the perfect time for you to get back to your personal workout routine, and we’re ready with a combination of classes, equipment, and instructors to help you be healthy, fit, and happy!

Here’s what’s happening now in fitness centers around the world and right here at your Rec Center Fitness Club. 

Wearable Technology. This has been high on the list of every survey for the past seven years, and it’s the #1 trend for 2022. Activity trackers from all the major brands—including Apple,® Garmin,® Polar,® and Fitbit®—are on everyone’s wish list. There’s a tracker to fit any budget, and different ones are rated best for running, swimming, cycling, and strength workouts. These devices track a wide range of activities and help you monitor daily steps, calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure, and even your sleep habits. All of those are important to your overall health, and in 2022 more people are using wearable technology inside and outside the gym. What about fitness apps? The surveys say more people prefer to wear their fitness trackers on their wrist throughout the day vs using a smartphone app.

Fitness facilities, including your Recreation Center, are fast becoming the new community center and an important place for social networking. We talked with dozens of our members over the past few months, and what we heard over and over was that working out at the Rec Center simply made you feel happier. Office workers have shifted to remote work, and their time in the gym not only improves health and relieves stress, it’s where so many of you look forward to face-to-face interaction with a supportive community. At-home workouts have been popular, but training with an instructor and other fitness enthusiasts offers a completely different experience. So, while we still offer hybrid and online classes, we all look forward to welcoming you back to in-person training in our safe, friendly environment.

Let’s talk specifics. There are a number of fitness trends that have moved up in the rankings this year (and some that are not as popular as before). Here’s a bit about the ones at the top of every list:

Strength training with free weights. We have a dedicated strength training area at the Rec Center, and we’ve certainly seen the growth in popularity with our members. What does it do? Simple: It helps you become stronger. Why is that important? For basic daily activities like keeping up with your kids and carrying groceries. For athletes, it builds endurance, speed, and power. It increases your metabolic rate and helps burn lots of calories. Strength training can lead to better balance, help you manage weight, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and is proven to improve bone density. It can also help to control stress and anxiety. Talk to our staff and see if a consistent strength training routine is right for you.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been among the top-rated exercise programs for almost 10 years. It involves short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by a short period of rest. A HIIT fitness regimen is also in line with the move towards shorter workouts of 45 minutes or less. Try a class and see why it continues to be so popular.

Personal Training includes fitness testing and individualized goal setting. You work one-on-one with a trainer as they develop workouts specific to your personal fitness needs and goals. Training this way got a boost recently due to online availability but is now moving back into the Rec Center where it is truly more personal. Find out more.

Stretch and Recover. Recognized as excellent preventive fitness for all athletes, to minimize time away from the game and regular workouts, this is now de rigueur for post-injury exercising. Stretch and recover programs include Yoga, which also offers an increase in strength, and helps stress management.

Outdoor fitness programs. While walking, hiking, and running have been popular for decades, organized outdoor fitness classes led by our dedicated instructors are so much more fun at The Preserve of Highland Park, surrounding the Recreation Center. Three seasons of beautiful flora and fauna put you in an atmosphere that just can’t be duplicated. It’s a fitness experience quite unlike any other.

What’s new this fall? Here are just a few fun fitness programs we’re super excited about.

KidsClub (formerly KidFit) is back! Our safe and fun childcare services let you concentrate on your fitness routine while you’re at the Rec Center. KidsClub membership options include unlimited childcare, use of the beautiful indoor pool, and lots of open-gym time. Learn more about KidsClub.

Adult Full Court Basketball. Hey ballers…want to get in an energizing game with your friends and neighbors before going off to work? Gym times are being set up now for the fall. Don’t miss out—join the Rec Center today! Learn more about Open Gym.

Indoor drop-in pickleball. You asked for it, you’ve been waiting for it, and we are thrilled to offer it! Stay tuned for the days and times that play will be available. Drop-in for a daily fee, get a 10-play pass, or save on every game with a Recreation Center Fitness Club membership. Looking for a Pickleball League? We have them. Are you new to Pickleball? We have lessons! Read more here.

Wiggle Time is coming this October. Get out of the house and give your little ones room to play on our beautiful basketball courts. We provide balls, scooters, and lots of other fun equipment for kids to enjoy. Stay tuned for more information!

Stages Studio Spin – Indoor cycle enthusiasts will be blown away by our newest boutique experience at our Fitness Club. Stages Studio Pro Plus Cycling combines top-of-the-line indoor cycle bikes used in premier facilities across the globe along with exciting color-based interactive visual group display, music videos, and more. This experience levels the playing field for everyone to individually maximize their ride, feel good, have fun, and achieve goals. 

If you have any questions, contact Jodi DiTomasso, Fitness Manager, at [email protected]